Essays on Laziness

How did I feel when I was working for my last employer? How did I manage to appear to be working too quickly after realizing that my former boss was watching?

Addressing the general question of laziness Addressing the general question of laziness remains a contentious issue, with numerous individuals testifying their attempts to tackle sluggishness. Numerous explanations seem to indicate the origins of laziness, and my experience here is a perception of it. For example, being unable to work enough overtime...

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Procrastination Explanation

Procrastination: The Art of Postponing Though unnoticed, every person has one or two activities that he or she is fond of postponing, maybe intentionally or by chance. This tendency is the perfect definition of procrastination. Literally, procrastination means placing “forward” to “tomorrow”; for it is derived from the Latin word, eras,...

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Procrastination and Laziness

Kotler defines procrastination as the state of avoiding a task that needs to be accomplished; it is a chronic problem that needs to be addressed. He brings out a case of an executive publisher, Capp Robert, who tends to procrastinate. Laziness is distinctive as lack of desire while procrastination involves delaying...

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