Essays on Wisdom

Book Report on James Surowiecki’s “The Wisdom of Crowds”

James Surowiecki is the author of the book The Wisdom of Crowds and a business columnist for The New Yorker magazine. Surowiecki started working on the concepts for this book as a columnist on the magazine s finance page. The book is particularly fascinating since it offers a...

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The four cardinal virtues

Prudence, Temperance, Justice, and Courage are the four cardinal virtues (Fortitude). Prudence, also known as patience, refers to one's capacity to offer judgment between acts by employing appropriate actions at the appropriate time. Justice, also known as fairness, is the most important and comprehensive of all virtues. Temperance, also known...

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children literature reflection

Literature is important because it entertains readers and listeners alike. They are often given access to the collective knowledge and understanding of the ages. Children's literature encourages reading by expanding the growth perspectives of young readers/learners. Literature further assists in enriching and expanding their education thereby stimulating thought. The course...

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Inanna, an Important Goddess among the Sumer

Inanna was revered as a goddess of fertility, battle, and erotic desire, as well as a respected astral deity, by the Sumerians. Because of these characteristics, she was considered as wise, as portrayed in Mesopotamian myths (Joshua). In this regard, she was perceived to be bringing knowledge and culture, especially...

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From Thomas Frank, The Conquest of Cool

1. What is the shared wisdom of how ads co-opted the counterculture (also known as the "co-opt thesis"), and what, in Frank's opinion, is the flaw in this interpretation? Contemporary advertisers have shattered traditional marketing conventions by co-opting narratives from various eras to communicate with audiences from that period to reintroduce...

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