Phenomenology according to Existentialists

Religious and Mystical Experiences

Religious and mystical experiences are closely related to phenomenology. It provides several perspectives from which one can perceive things. According to phenomenology, one can only understand religion after experiencing it. Without the conscious experience of worship, one cannot criticize the worshippers. It also removes emotional associations and abstract suppositions in order to comprehend mysteries. Phenomenology enables people to articulate how they feel on the inside. Religion shields us from the influence of others, allowing us to remain faithful to our experience. It has a way of neutralizing things such as Marxism, fascism, scientism, and religious fundamentalism to understand things as we perceive them.

Phenomenology in Medicine

Phenomenology assists physicians in their work. It makes them understand how the patients are experiencing symptoms rather than the physical process. Phenomenology allows the doctors to analyze how the patient feels. It is a gateway to human experience. The concept of phenomenology requires a different thinking among the physicians (Bakewell 44). Thinking that can transform and bring them close to the experience of the patient. Phenomenology gives the doctor a revolutionary edge while dealing with the patients. It combines both psychology and philosophical concepts to understand patients and their experience.

The Significance of Phenomenology in Personal Life

Phenomenology is critical for my personal life. It can make me understand everything around me philosophically. This concept will enable me to fathom the action and behavior of other people about religion. Phenomenology will give me a perspective to analyze the experience of individuals. It will allow me to understand the essence of a phenomenon by philosophical analysis. Phenomenology broadens my thinking to analyze the experiences of people in understanding their situation. It enables me to study conscious experience from the perspective of the first person. Phenomenology shows the significance of mysterious events that happen around or within us.

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