Personal Statement

Every action, each effect, sends ripples outward; although they do not rattle the earth, these ripples can be for good or horrific in an individual’s life.

As such, they should not be discounted since the world hinges on such small impacts. Born and raised in a small city with Mammoth Lakes and active volcanoes, my family has been major travelers in both winter and summer. Additionally, I have attended a school the place 70% of the population is Hispanic, rendering me, a white male, a minority in such an environment. This was in addition to dealing with family troubles such as having a heroin-addicted brother living on the streets and an older sister who was taken to boarding school due to her damaging experimentation on drugs. Despite my situation, I was determined and motivated to overcome the trials and become successful in life.

Being the only sibling out of 3 going to 4-year College is not only an achievement for me, but an assurance that circumstances do not define a person.

Rather, an individual can decide to rise above negative ripples that come along the way and accomplish set goals. In essence, I have experienced instability in terms of family issues in addition to massive pressure in school because of my ethnic background. My mother surviving a brain tumor, and my dad with a job which took him away from home for 25 days a month for an entire year. Moreover, the struggle of finding my brother took an emotional toll on my family. Such situations and conditions could have potentially distracted my focus and affect my life. However, I chose to look at the positive side of life and use my experiences for good. Even though it got rough and so challenging at times, I remained hopeful.

The fact my parents came from different religious backgrounds gave me a unique perspective on life; my mom from Singapore where they were many religions and my dad a Catholic.

Essentially, I learned to be an acceptor of cultures with a multifaceted reflection on all religions. Furthermore, my parent’s composition created an expanse of views, experiences, and knowledge; aspects that played a significant role in who I am as a person. I gained attributes such as self-reliance, perseverance, being responsible and reliable; it made me realize how life experiences can have far-reaching consequences. From working with my dad and dad to make extra money, to working with children at the ski school each winter has been my duties in efforts to support my family and take care of my expenses. Such tasks have molded me into a better, more responsible and focused person.

Having lived and grown through natures changing seasons, I have gained environment knowledge, which has enabled me to work well independently and flexibly.

Additionally, my parents have given me the freedom to explore the world where I have gained essential skills in activities such as hiking, fishing, music festivals and camping. As such, I have grown to be an all-around person, maintaining both good grades in class and gaining essential practical knowledge. These reasons make me ideally suited as a strong candidate to the UC of California; having overcome a rough family background and blended and performed well in a school where whites are minorities, I believe I fit well with the university. Moreover, my skills in games and other activities will serve as an added advantage since I will engage in university activities. I know I will change the world by achieving my goals and sharing my experiences, which will give hope and motivate one person at a time.

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