Microsoft P.C. and Mac, the world's two biggest rivals in the computing industry, have definite similarities and striking distinctions. They all make use of common device foundations such as the keyboard skeleton, mouse outline, and screen/monitor configuration. They are, though, in various leagues. Buyers can note that Microsoft PC is intended to be affordable, effective, and compatible. Macs, on the other hand, are made for technophiles, often known as "geeks." It's the polar opposite of PCs, so it's no surprise that Apple Mac production figures are much smaller. Several reasons apply to the PC and Mac becoming the world's largest tech businesses. Even though both P.C. and Mac resemble the standard desktop build (which include the monitor, and CPU) as well as the standard laptop build (built in keyboard, control pad, and viewing screen), they bear great contrast to each other. An iMac’s main body is solely one large monitor/screen, on which the CPU is built. It provides a neater and more favorable design compared to the standard separate CPU used in P.C. desktops. Both the P.C and the Mac keyboards have the twenty-six-letter formation, as well as the number keys, and the basic function keys which include the “Enter,” “Shift,” and “Spacebar” keys. However, some keys are named differently for Macs like the backspace key which was renamed “Delete.” The “Control” and “Alternate” keys have switched roles when using quick key manipulations, replaced mainly by Mac’s unique “Command” key.Prices of Macs and P.Cs greatly vary depending on the models, for P.Cs they range from $500 to $4000 (such as the Alienware series). For Macs, the prices range from $1000 to $4000. There may be similar price range between a low-end Mac and a high-end P.C and vice versa. Also, the costs for products that accompany them vary proportionally. For example, the normal Mac keyboard may cost three times more than the average of a P.C. counterpart. Similarly, replacing a P.C. monitor may cost much less than replacing a Mac screen.Apart from the striking differences in appearance and pricing, P.C. and Mac software bear sharp contrast. P.Cs use the “Windows” series, which include “Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7” etc. with each having its sub-versions like “Windows 7 professional”. The Mac software, in contrast, can be divided into two. The earlier and first software, “Mac OS series” and the latest and most updated version, the “Mac OS,” renamed “Mac OS X.” The “Mac OS X” series, has updated versions. The general opinion strongly suggests that users prefer the Mac user interface, often commenting that it is more “fun” and “artistic.” This ingenious software undeniably has a higher resolution in the screen display. The “Mac OS X” is also known for less frequent technical problems like freezing, bugs, and crashing compared to their P.C. counterparts. However, the superior quality of the Mac software is compromised by its compatibility with programs. Even though most programs and applications are built for P.C. users, it has poor graphics, animations, and performance consistency including computer games, editing programs, and office programs. P.C’s unmatched compatibility makes up for its dull interface.The similarities and differences between P.C. and Mac are very clear. Each has favorable traits that make them the top two competitors in the computer market. The Mac, with its user-friendly interface, artistic software, and attractive appearance, is greatly appreciated by those who value a perfect computer. The P.C., with its affordability, unrivaled compatibility, and extensive range is used by the majority of the computer-using population. Although P.C. and Mac share the standard computer foundations and layouts, in reality, they are quite different.

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