Online Medical Resources' Impact

Technological Advances in the Medical Field

Technological advances have impacted every field of every country's economy on the planet. Various online services have been developed to make service delivery more superficial and more convenient in the medical area. This paper explores three of these services and how they have affected patient well-being and practitioner service.

The Batz Guide

The Batz Guide is a free online resource for patients all over the world. This resource discusses the problem of medical errors, which often result in death. It is estimated that 2 million people are victims every year, with over 200,000 of them being children. This is obviously a serious matter and requires a communal effort to reduce these fatalities. The app is designed to give caregivers and patients information about procedures to be administered as well as medication prescribed. Loved ones and care givers are given a chance to be part of the medical team that attends to the patients. Knowledge is power, the brilliant minds behind this idea share this belief, and they know that making this information available will make the entire process safer and more effective. Using the application helps the patient feel in control and is not confused by what is going on or what is expected of them. The application is divided into three sections which mark out the entire medical care process: the first step is preparation for the visit, this part of the guide contains information about what is required of the patient before the visit. The second section refers to as the actual stay, describes the procedures that may be carried out and what is expected during this time. The third stage is a recovery at home; it informs the caregivers of common issues that may arise from treatment ("The Batz Guide", n.d).

Genie MD

Genie MD is a mobile application that is used for tracking, storage, and sharing of medical health records. Various features of the application make it convenient and easy to use. The application has a wide array of functionality features: video visits help patients prepare for the actual visit and create a platform that the doctor can engage. Appointment scheduling and follow up is made easy on the application, with the touch of a screen the doctor is able to freely chat with patients, their family members as well as other professional consultants. The moments journal is a function of the application that keeps serious medical events of the patient. Personal medical records are also stored, these will include: medication, a record of allergies, body vitals, exercise tracking, immunization history, genetic history and past medical records. This ensures that patients carry their information with them at all times, it can prove useful in case of emergency. Medication adherence is very important in successful recovery; on Genie MD patients are able to keep this in check through the adherence function. Private branding is also available for practitioners who want to integrate the application in their care plan (Genie MD, n.d).

The ICE Blue Button

The ICE blue button mobile application is a personal alert and emergency information notification system. This application is made for an emergency situation and provides the care givers enough information about the patient. The application works by providing a unique QR code that can be scanned to give emergency information about the individual. There are various advantages of having the app, firstly it is easy to set up and use. Records are only made once and stored permanently, this means that the user only needs to set up once. This platform has proven handy for children especially those with special needs, care givers have found it easier to help out in case of emergency. Multiple users can be saved on the same device, this function helps out spouses, parents and guardians handle times of distress better. ICE also has an alert system that is meant to notify loved ones in case the QR code is scanned. A premium service offered by the developers gives the exact time and location of the incident, providing a map to the location (ICE bluebutton, n.d).

Impact of Technology in Medical Services

With the rapid sophistication of technology in the modern world, most medical practitioners are forced to be creative in the way they offer service delivery. The development of mobile platforms has created a new and innovative way to interact and manage patient data. The applications discussed above are some good examples of how the Information Communication Technology sector is having an impact in the medical services industry. Thanks to ICT solutions like the ones discussed above, doctors everywhere can keep track of their patient\u0092s progress, schedule appointments as well as conduct live video consultations. Applications like ICE help emergency services help patients that might be severely injured. These resources can also help practitioners collect information from family, friends or caregivers of the patients and thereby collect whole sum information that will help in diagnosis.

The resources discussed above have an impact on the sector as a whole. It is true that technology makes everything more sophisticated, but in this case, the sophistication brought in helps service providers give better services as they are better informed and have the opportunity to consult with the patient directly. Batz guide for patient safety equips the everyday Joe to be in the loop in matters of medical services. It helps patients suffering anxiety some piece of mind as they and their family are integrated into the health provision team. Genie MD makes consultation from home seamless saving the patient time, discomfort and some money; functions like referrals that enable several specialists to be consulted on matters of patient health make the application practicable and effective. These provide the consumer some peace of mind, making it easier for them to get the medical help they require.


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