Reflections on My Mother

When reflecting on his mother, Michael Jackson said, "It's great to have my mother. She is perfection to me." This assertion is fitting when you know that your mother is one of the only people you're going to meet who doesn't criticize your character and support you the way you are.

The Most Influential Person in My Life

For me, my mother is without a doubt the most influential person in my life and the most holistic person I've ever met.

Physical Attributes

Physically, my mother has very alluring looks and a smile that turns every stranger into an acquaintance. Most specifically, her long hair makes her stand out from other beautiful women, and I remember when she used to visit us in school, my friends used to ask her to unpin her hair so that they could see her well-kept hair.

Financial and Emotional Support

Since my siblings and I were young, my mother has always taken great care of us both financially and emotionally. Though she is employed, she always ensured that she arrived home in time to prepare our meals and assist us in our school assignments. Besides, my mother was saddened every time we were sick, and I cannot count the number of times she burnt the midnight oil while we were not feeling well just to observe us and ensure that if the condition escalated, she would be awake to take the necessary action.

Bonding Through Outings

Additionally, she used to take us for outings on Sunday afternoons, and I think it is during these activities that we bonded and I developed a great fondness for her. As well, my mother involves herself in various activities such as humanitarian activities, religious activities, and sporting activities such as skiing, and therefore she leads a holistic and balanced life than more career women.

In Conclusion

To sum up, my mother is just special to me in so many ways. She may not be perfect, but she sees the best in me and wants the best for me. As well, her holistic approach toward life has taught me that to live a happier life; one should not neglect any aspect of their life; be it social, spiritual, or physical.

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