Memory is important

Since both the novel and the film are important for the future, we must remember what happened so that it does not happen again. Storytelling is important because it teaches us about life and helps us understand our cultures while also teaching us how to appreciate people from other cultures. The realization that the world has changed and that no child has been born in eighteen years due to infertility in women encourages people to think differently. When the old people die, there will be no generation to take over, and the world seems to be coming to an end. A fan had killed the last human to be born in the world (a musician) for failing to sign his autograph. When The Fishes capture Theo, he is reunited with his wife after about twenty years without seeing each other. Their son had died back in the year. His wife, Julian, is letter murdered in a planned scheme by The Fishes. The refugee, Kee, is pregnant and tells Theo about it and Theo thinks it would be right to make the pregnancy public, but the group is against it as they say the British government will politicize the situation and snatch Kee and her baby for their gains. Theo finds out that the team wanted to kill him and take Kee for their benefits. He manages to steal a car and runs away with Kee and the midwife, Miriam. They aim to get to an immigrant camp (Bexhill) but on the way they are blackmailed by those who were to help them and Miriam is taken away after faking her religion trying to help Kee. The camp is attacked, and Luke snatches Kee from Theo. In an attempt to bring Kee back, Theo is shot, but he manages to take Kee after Luke is killed. This scene depicts how important a pregnant woman was at that time, and everyone wanted to protect her. Despite being a refugee, she is protected by almost everyone who gets to learn that she is pregnant. “Her husband? I didn’t realize that she cared greatly about her husband. That isn’t the picture he so obligingly gave us before he died. You don’t imagine you’re in love with her, do you? Don’t romanticise the woman . The author claims that she might be the most important woman. However, that doesn't mean, she is Virgin Mary. The child she is carrying is still the child of a whore.” (James, 196). Xan spares Kee but shoots Theo even though Kee was a refugee and also called her a whore. As a sign of gratitude for the sacrifice, Theo made, Kee names the child after Theo’s deceased son, Dylan. From the novel “The Handmaid’s Tale,” the narrator works for a married commander with whom he must have sex with often to bring a child to the household. The narrator tells us about her past life. The rate of childbirth is meager, and there are many diseases which result in a coup-making the government to fail. She loses her job and tries to run away with his husband and daughter but they, are later captured. She is separated from her husband and taken to a center where women’s rights are violated. At the center, they work as Handmaids having sex with men to give children to the society. Some of the women do not like the idea and even try to escape without success. Failure to become pregnant leads to an arrangement for the narrator to have sex with the chauffeur, Nick, with hopes of bringing a child to the household. She even prays and says “Oh God, obliterate me. Make me fruitful. Mortify my flesh, that I may be multiplied. Let me be fulfilled…” (Atwood, 232). It shows how desperate she was to get a child. Given my analysis of scene one, it seems clear that the author depicts the role of memory functions in empathizing with certain situations and having a need to control them before they get to the point of no-return in Children of Men. From the scene in “The Handmaid’s Tale,” memory functions as a tool of realizing universal life experiences of people when situations change and also a consideration of new ideas with the hope of bringing out change into the current situation. Memory is, therefore, an important aspect of human life for shaping the future and helping avoid mistakes that were done in the past. Storytelling has been used since the past to provide information in different places on how things were done and how they are expected to be done. People are currently relying on knowledge obtained from books as a means of being equipped with useful information. There is need to realize that storytelling is vital in every sector as it plays the role of notifying people oh how they can relate their past to improving the future. For instance, taking a closer look at the dystopian culture, they have been able to pass on their tradition and culture through a form of their musical way called black metal. The structure of the songs is well arranged, and the instruments used in recording give a clear picture of their culture and origin. They do not aim for international popularity but rather in passing their culture from generation to another. Their lyrics contain words from their religion and ancestry in an attempt to show the world that storytelling is an important aspect in relaying useful information. Storytelling has evolved and passed all natural selection and sexual selection tests to stand out today. Taking a closer look at different organizations, for instance, taking a business organization into account, the power of achieving every goal lies within the people. The achievement of such goals will be passed from one body to the other through storytelling. It is never easy to convince a group of people into taking action without relating it to something that happened in the past. People must sit around tables and hold serious discussions about an issue for success to be achieved. The best and easiest way to convince an individual on a particular topic is by laying a reference to a specific scenario. We all, therefore, need to take a bold step in storytelling and apply it in our daily lives so that we can keep our culture and also create a better future for generations to come.Work CitedPodoshen, Jeffrey S., Vivek Venkatesh, and Zheng Jin. "Theoretical reflections on dystopian consumer culture: Black metal." Marketing Theory 14.2 (2014): 207-227.

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