Maurice Death a Public Event

A public gathering

As the name implies, is an event that every member of the public is welcome to attend. That can include, among other things, expositions, workshops, entertainment, and fundraising. However, Maurice's death in "Tuesdays with Morrie; an elderly one, a young man, and life's most glorious lesson book" was neither an exhibition nor a means of entertainment; rather, the death was a one-of-a-kind public occurrence, as will be addressed in this article.

Prof. Morrie's living funeral

Prof. Morrie was taken aback by the nature of the compliments directed at the deceased after attending a Brandeis funeral. As a result, he made plans to invite relatives and friends to a "living funeral" (Albom 5). The act drew public attention as they were anxious to know how it feels to "eulogize" a living dead person; a phenomenon that defies the traditional norms of well-being leading to death. The final death, thus, went into the annals of history as one of its kind to have happened to an individual who is still enjoying the benefits of being alive.

The unique terminal illness

On the second note, the protagonist is diagnosed with a unique terminal illness whose cure was never available to patients clinging to fate and destiny as the only source of solace. The amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, otherwise known as Gehrig’s disease, destabilized the scientific community that spent sleepless nights to generate an antidote but in vain. His death made a significant blow to science community that felt they have diagnosed a disease that they have no cure exposing the patient to a lot of therapies that propelled the disease progression other than curing it. The attention his condition commanded from the public was overwhelming. It captured, for instance, the attention of Mr. Koppel, a major producer to take up the Morre’s life course.

Public fascination

"…a limousine carrying Ted Koppel, ABC-TV's Nightline host pulled up to the snow-covered curb outside Morrie's house" (Albom 7).

Such news did not only make a greater storyline as the public was eager to know the turn of events each day in the life and times of Morrie but also exposed the professor to the world making people throng his homestead just to have a glimpse of what is transpiring.

An unconventional funeral

Hundreds of people wanted to attend Prof. Morrie's funeral but were only confined to family and close contacts. In conventional mortalities only the relatives, as well as close friends, were expected to attend. Nonetheless, Mr. Maurice's death attracted everybody including strangers whose closer contact they ever did with the diseased was during television interviews during the "Nightline shows" (Albom 2).

Professor Morrie's impact

As a columnist in one of the dailies, The Detroit Free Press to be specific, he also created some addiction in the manner in which he compiled his content, especially to his enthusiastic fanatics. His death has a more significant likelihood to generate remorse in the hearts and minds of ardent supporters (Albom 6). The graduation that were to be undertaken was postponed in tribute to the old-time scholar depicting a significant role the professor played in the Brandeis University (Albom 2).


In conclusion, despite the massive crowds as well as the much publicity death of a prominent individual receives typically. Prof. Maurice's death sparked a lot of controversies that in the long run intensified the protagonist's celebrity status. His life and death have also narrowed the firsthand experience of the processes that an individual must endeavor to rise through weaknesses. His death, therefore, is a reminder of the importance of focus and positivism to realize an individual's full potential in times of good health and sickness.

Work cited

Albom, Mitch. "Tuesdays with Morrie: An old man, a young man, and life's greatest lesson." Hachette UK, 2009.

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