Matrix of Stakeholder Analysis

They can acquire their coffee of choice at a convenient and timely location.

Providing a hassle-free buying experience that makes the customer's job easier

Give feedback on preferred coffee, condiments, and other products.

Consuming none of the coffee shop's products or services. Having forums that engage the customers to ensure that they are fully satisfied.

Customers connecting one on one with the employees to acquire products.

Using groups of employees to reach out the customers.




Helps the employees to raise their business ideas that bring growth.

Makes the project implementation become effective.

Makes the project achieve its goals

Not providing valuable customer input

Not having good ways of reaching out the customers

Meet with Amazon employees regularly throughout the project to ensure customer needs will be met.

Educating the employees on how to nature the customers and have good communication skills to the customers.

Other Coffee shops outside the office



Upholding the competitive edge; keeping their business

Competition fosters innovation and motivation

Standing up a similar or more innovative storefront

Network with competition; potential for partnership.

Local Coffee Roaster as partner



For local roaster, could mean access to new customer base, increased sales; increased publicity as first Amazon Go coffee venture; potential for expansion of partnership to other Amazon Go ventures

Most important stakeholder, since roaster will provide primary product. Seattle loves coffee residents are discerning customers; picking the right vendor to provide a high quality, sustainable, product will be key to attracting the right customers.

Failing to deliver product on time; delivering poor quality product; withdrawing from contract

Keeping intact with the coffee roasters during and after the implementation of the project to ensure good communication. Meet with several coffee roasters to select the right partner; present roasters with business case for partnership with Amazon Go; emphasize partnership


Other Suppliers



Selling supplies and generating profit

Provide supplies at a reasonable or discounted price

Not paying the suppliers on time

Not providing supplies or providing them too late

Not engaging in businesses agreement as per the agreements

Media and public relations



Relationships between an organization and its diverse publics, through the use of communication, to achieve mutual understanding, realize organizational goals, and serve the public interest.

A good public relations campaign highlights a small business’s products and services through creative means. A press conference held to discuss an expansion has the added benefit of introducing key decision-makers to the general public and putting a public face with the company name.

Even though it can be advantageous to have a story written about your business, you can be at a disadvantage if the story is inaccurate, incomplete or misleading. A writer may see a negative angle that can damage your company's reputation.

By taking the project to the media for advertisement.

By establishing, enhancing, and maintaining effective and mutually beneficial relationships with key journalists and social media influencers.

Nearby businesses



Growing business and remaining profitable

Agree to provide overflow parking should it be needed

Petitioning against the new business

Network with nearby businesses and begin developing mutually beneficial relationships; hold a business meeting and invite local/nearby businesses to leverage skills and knowledge and learn of partnership opportunities

Amazon functional departments (Funds, IT, Design, Marketing)



Specific tasks to each department. (i.e. budget, design, App for the IT department.

-Vital input in the form of products or services needed. -Provides approval necessary to accomplish the project.

Does not agree with project goals and adds difficulty in accomplishing task in their area. Does not approve needed products or services.

-Ensure each stakeholder understands project scope. Make pertinent project documents available through IT systems. -Ensure each department is invited to all critical information sessions.

-Address and communicate any areas that potentially could be of concern for department directors. Gain trust through a strong working relationship.

Coffee stand employees (baristas)



Pay and benefits; belief in product they are selling; safe, comfortable work environment, distance to work from home; opportunities for advancement; training

-Although customers won't need to bother with paying, the stand will still have to be manned by baristas who will make coffee to order.

-Pleasant, competent, customer-focused employees can make the coffee stand successful.

Poor customer service; failure to show up to work on time or at all; failure to accurately label products so that Amazon Go system charges customers incorrectly.

Recruit experienced baristas; offer higher pay, access to Amazon’s existing benefits system for employees; offer opportunities for advancement

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