Maryland Courts

The Criteria for Alimony Termination in Maryland Courts

The majority of the time, when a court deems someone guilty, they are charged or prosecuted. Federal and local courts are just two of the organizations in the United States that deal with criminals. The Maryland courts have established rules governing marriage, cohabitation, and spouse. According to the legislation, when one spouse gets remarried or passes away, the terms for alimony, which include "spousal support" and "spousal maintenance," change. (Westlaw n.p).

Statute in Maryland

The purpose of the article is to examine the criteria for alimony termination using the Maryland court as a basis. A statute in Maryland defines that: a spouse may obtain support or maintenance depending on a number of set criteria which includes; the duration of the marriage, each of the spouse age, physical, and emotional condition, the assets and financial stands of the spouse, the ability of the paying spouse to remain stable while paying alimony, and present and future earnings of the spouses (Westlaw n.p).

Termination of Alimony in Case of Remarriage or Death

Therefore, the court finds the terms of the termination of the alimony to be when a person remarries or dies. The complied laws of the Maryland as for the case Elena Kay Christensen, Appellee, v.Brent Christensen, Appellant. 400 P.3d 1219 (2017), subsection 1-421. According to the case, the fact that the person remarries breaches the contract or the alimony that binds the spouses. In this regard, the alimony is terminated basing on the terms and conditions which may include the paying spouse. However, for a paying spouse, the paying of alimony continues and the court may consider reducing it. This is due to the compiled laws of Maryland In re Marriage of Heasley S.H.A. 750 ILCS 5/504(a) (2014).

Impact of Cohabitation on Alimony

In addition to that, cohabitation may alter the terms of operation of the alimony. Though this does not automatically terminate the spousal support, but obligor may file a request to keenly examine the paid spouse. This may include up to termination of the alimony so as to avoid harsh and inequitable results, this is stipulated in the code of the court of Maryland, MD Fam. Code 11-108 (2016).

Waterfowl Safety Zones According to Maryland Courts

Finally, according to Maryland courts, the laws translate to defining the waterfowl safety zones which applies to hunting only. These are zones that are being governed by the law to protect hunting and aqua zones (as defined by the boarders).

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