Legality of abortion

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For decades, there have been customary questions about the legality of abortion which sought to establish the answers to the ethical query of whether it was right or incorrect for abortion to be legalized and if there were more advantages than dangers of abortion. Most recently, lawmakers in different countries worldwide have been pushing for stricter legal guidelines on abortion by presenting varied views on the advantages and costs of abortion. Pushing for stricter abortion legislation seeks to control the charge of abortion in a manner that the mothers will be more responsible and choose to raise their babies rather than thinking about abortion. However, other states believe that the abortion laws being made strict will make bigger the number of deaths resulting from mothers attempting to abort in privacy in which they might not receive proper medical attention. I intend to demonstrate that adopting stricter abortion laws will result in higher mortality rates and negative impact on the public rather than the intended positive outcomes.

Using the information from an article by Mahomed in the Social Indicators Research Journal, and another article by Fetters et al. from the Reproductive Health Journal, I will present an analysis of how stricter abortion laws will expose members of the public to risky and unsafe practices while attempting abortion. The two articles provide a study into the possible dangers associated with restricting legislation regarding abortion that push people to perform the abortion in secrecy without getting proper medical attention. However, I will use an article by Medoff from the Social Indicators Research Journal, which presents the proposition that developing stricter abortion laws will increase public safety besides preventing unintended births.

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