Learning to Drive a Car

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At the age of sixteen, I went to get my license. I handed my permit test in one try. As I used to be coming out of the testing center, there was a stand on the left aspect of the door with workers handing out their business cards. On the card, it stated, “within one hour of practice, you can pass by your driving test!” Instead of going to an actual using school, and to save money. I called the range on the card to make an appointment. A few days later, when I went out to the location of the appointment, a man in a short sports hair wearing a big Micky Mouse knit sweater with black pants, stood in front of me. Anyone would have thought he was part of a gang. His appearance made me afraid making me stand nervously that at the same time I felt excited about the all thigh. I was much in love with cars and the idea of driving had been crossing my minds every day and night but I was short of time as well as money. Since I was a child I used to accompany my father to the city and most of the drivers were insane scaring me and putting me off as most of them thought they are the kings of the road. He said “Miss. Sarah?” I answer….”yes, Sir?” He yelled back asking if I came for the driving lesson. I answered with my heart beating…”yes..yes..that’s right.” The man pointed at the black Toyota truck on the street telling me to get in. I wondered if I was going to get kidnapped, but since it was the daylight without many worries, I walked over to the car. The Toyota car refreshed my mind of the movies I had watched the last night whereby a school child was kidnapped on his way home. I quickly called my mum at home to inform her where I was and the location as well as the description of my instructor in case of anything. Before I got in, I asked if there is another car because I do not want to get any scratches on it since it is my first time driving. The man answered back with charisma,”don’t worry about getting scratches while driving, sometimes you have to get scratches and bump into others to learn. Just get in.” That is how my driving lesson started. Right, when I turned on the car the driver on the passenger side yelled: “Go!” He was telling me to stop acting like a beginner and just go now. While on the road, he told me to open all the windows and put my elbows again the frame. I followed his instructions, but it started raining all of sudden. Then he said, “you can’t be scared of the rain while driving.” While driving for an hour with the window open, I had my right hand on the wheel and left against the frame. I thought my arm was going to cramp, and my mascara was running with the humid rain blowing. The car in front of me suddenly braked and started to drive slowly. The teacher yelled “is that car crawling?” He told me to blink on my high beam. That day I learned that is when to use my high beam, and not for the dark. The car in front of me amazing moved aside. The teacher stated the actual schools don’t teach you these rules, and I was lucky to learn from him. He let me drive for another thirty minutes for listening to his instructions so well. I drove for over an hour and thirty minutes. My driving lesson ended with my left arm cramping and my mascara running down my face. Even though it was unexpected, I was thrilled with my day. For the past four years, I have been driving with my left elbow against the window frame, and right hand on the wheel with my head held high as the teacher taught me. All my friends say I’m a smooth driver. I thank again the teacher that taught me to drive with coolness. Over the weekend, my three friends came over for a drive to the school sporting activities, I took my tea quickly and jumped out of the house ready for the great day. I felt my heart beat had increased as we approached the car I was actually nervous as it was my first time driving with my friends. They all looked worried from their facial expression I was too worried but I did want to show the fear to my friends so I put on a brave face. I was afraid of getting embarrassed and making minor mistakes I started the engine of the car ready for the drive. When we arrived at the school parking slot there was little space for me to park. In the process of doing my calculation, my school age mate came around to within my skills. I clearly knew it was my time to demonstrate what I had acquired from my instructor, with on time the car was well part. As I light from the car I receive cheering and praised for my skilful mastery of driving.

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