Judge and politician involved in teenager sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Judge Ray Moore

After Judge Ray Moore resigning from his job and figuring out that we will run for the Senate site in Alabama, news surfaced that he was nicely known to sexually harass teenagers of young ages. In some news, a female filed a report that he harassed teenagers such as a 14-year-old child. Although the story was not verified, sources say that he used to pick up younger girls at the shopping mall. After this story had surfaced there has been calls for him to withdraw from the senate race although he has now not heeded into it. Recently, poles by the Washington Post-Schar school post confirmed that people still wanted decide Moore in the race as he had a better chance of winning the seat. He was at a 47 percent scope with the inclination of 4.5 margin error, this might just put him just into the Senate seat come the election day.

Judge Moore's Beliefs and Moral Dilemma

Judge Moore is heavily into Christianity and religious beliefs in such a way that he was having trouble with authority when he was a judge for making judgments sometimes according to the holy book. He also believed that Christianity should order public policy apart from the fact that he is also a well-respected judge. He is not only a well-respected religious believer but a judge who is supposed to put people into obeying the law. If he is not obeying the law, how will those that he sends to prison obey. Judge Moore is a rather sophisticated situation because, he is being involved in things that he clearly used to judge against when he was the judge. He also is known for his continued determination to enforce same-sex marriage ban.

The Satirical Element

There is satire in this story because, first, people do not expect such a good religious leader and judge to be involved in sexual harassment scandals and especially those that involve teenagers of the younger age of about 14 years. Also, amidst the sexual involvement in all those sexual harassments allegations, he refused to withdraw from the race and insists that he is innocent. It is more satirical in the fact that the people from Alabama plan on putting him in office despite this news, maybe this is because of the open window created by politicians who keep harassing women in the recent government beginning with the president Donald Trump. Moreover, Judge Roy Moore is well involved in Christianity and religious beliefs that he was commonly known for incorporation of the Ten Commandments into his judgment. It's satirical because the Ten Commandments that he used are heavily against the sexual harassment acts that he was doing. How can a person completely be what he practices always when in the shopping mall not to mention how many times he goes to the shopping mall?

Addressing Sexual Harassment in Politics

In my opinion, I think that people should stop accepting sexual harassing politicians in office. The government, for instance, should make laws that deny people even the known politicians from sexually harassing women or even teenagers in this case. The average person should also not give in and wait for the law from the government because some of the politicians are the once involved in this action and might not heavily pass such a bill. The people should step up in campaigns and demonstrations to kick out such behavior from politics. They should also not get involved in the election of such immoral politicians so that the women should not be immense in such circumstances. Also, they should to a body in the parliament that deals with sexual harassment issues and to ascertain the truth on such news before making any step.

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