It is important to have the various aspects of writing a business report in mind.

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Ideally, when it comes to making business reports, it is important to keep in mind the different facets of writing a business report. A good business report usually consists of numerous items, including a cover letter, a title page, an executive summary, a table of contents, an introduction, conclusions and discussion, and, finally, a conclusion and a suggestion. Take a quick glance at each of these items,
Letter of Cover – The aim of a cover letter in a business report is to provide users with the presentation of a business report. Specifically, the objective of the study is set out in the cover letter, among other information on the report. Title page – the title page of a report includes a brief description of the project. It should also include the reports date of completion of the report, the author, and their organization.

Executive summary – the executive summary gives a synopsis into what the business report constitutes as a whole in brief.

Table of content – This acts as more of a map to the various sections of the report

Introduction, body, and conclusion of the report – These constitute the most important sections where they discuss, weigh and deliver recommendations about certain aspects of given project for instance. The introduction, in this case, sets a stage for readers, detailing them what to expect in the report. The body consists of findings and discussions about these findings where else the conclusion consists of conclusions derived from the report and its studies and further gives recommendations on the same.

Some of the important tips worth a note when it comes to creating strong business reports include the showing good organization in business reports, backing up reports with relevant and necessary research facts and figures and ensuring the report is free of grammatical errors.

To the next topic in our presentation, Social Media sets the stage and necessary resources to facilitate communication from businesses to their clients and vice-versa (Corcione, 2017). Clearly, this presents huge benefits to both parties as communication is as easy as using a Facebook account to communicate to customers or receive feedback from them.


Corcione, D. (2017, Jan 23). Social Media for Business: A Marketer’s Guide. Retrieved March 4, 2017, from Business Daily News:

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