instrument of animal cruelty

"Questionnaire on Animal Cruelty Infliction."
If you have a pet?
If so, what kind of animal do you have as a pet?
How much time do you devote to your animal?
Do you like animals?
What are your thoughts on PETA?
Do you believe there is an issue of animal cruelty in our country?
If not, why do you believe so?
Have you ever seen the mistreatment of an animal?
What will you do the next time you witness animal cruelty?
Which kind of animal cruelty do you believe is the most common?
Animal trafficking
Pet poaching
Unnecessary abuse
Inadequate living conditions
How would you respond if you saw animal cruelty in the future?
Notify authorities
Inform others so that you can intervene as a group

Be Indifferent

How do you feel when you see an animal being mistreated?

How do you feel about companies testing drugs and other products on animals?

How do you feel about people wearing fur, leather and other similar clothing made from animal products?

Would you consider yourself a vegan or do you consume meat?

Do you agree with the sentiment that pet owners should be educated to spend more time with their pets?

Would you attend a carnival specially designed for pet owners and their pets?

How frequently should the carnival be held?

The basis for the creation of the above Questionnaire.

Animal cruelty involves the harming of animals by either neglect or deliberate intent by human beings. The legality of the act does not matter as long as the animal is hurt in one way or another. There are various reason as to why people may resort to hurting animals; these include food or fur. Some experts argue that the distinction between cruel and non-cruel methods of slaughter may only be made depending on the method of slaughter (Ascione & Shapiro, 2009). Many jurisdictions have various laws regarding animal abuse and cruelty. In some areas, the laws are limited to slaughter for food and fur purposes. In such areas, laws may exist to protect animals against illegal hunting for their valuable parts. For instance, elephants and rhinos are often hunted for their ivory. In many countries, this is outlawed as the two species are endangered animals. In other countries, there may be laws that go beyond to even outlaw the use of animals in certain sports. For instance, cock-fighting and dog-fighting are outlawed in many American states as these sports are complicit in the harming of the said animals.

Animal rights activists have also condemned certain farming practices that they say have great negative effects on animals. For most farms that produce animal products for large-scale market consumption, animals are often subjected to very limited space to maximize productivity. Thus activists posit that these animals are in perpetual agony throughout their lives and reforms are necessary to put them at ease (Lockwood & Arkow, 2016). Additionally, there are also various laws to protect animals working in movies, film and television sets against being harmed in any way. The above questionnaire is a pretty comprehensive guideline to try and get the best answers from respondents regarding their views on animal treatment statuses as either active pet owners or not and their views on animal treatment.


Ascione, F. R., & Shapiro, K. (2009). People and animals, kindness and cruelty: Research directions and policy implications. Journal of Social Issues, 65(3), 569-587.

Lockwood, R., & Arkow, P. (2016). Animal abuse and interpersonal violence: the cruelty connection and its implications for veterinary pathology. Veterinary pathology, 53(5), 910-918.

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