Importance, Significance, and the Impacts of the Story

The significance of the story is that it depicts the historical transitions on the matters of safety that have taken vicinity over the years. Significantly, citizens of the California and all those affected by the legal guidelines on guns are enlightened on what their rights are, and just how far they can exercising this right of owning the handguns. The content of the story does no longer only affect the California community and the Us, however also many other people in the world, specially those who are due to visit the state the place they have to comply with the set rules on owning guns, despite whether or not the laws favor them or not. Opinion DiscussionIt is a terrible decision by the court and the concerned justices to prohibit law abiding citizens from owning handguns for their own safety. It is true that California is on the side of the Constitution, but the fact of the matter is that she is not as close as she should be on this issue. Instead of the 9th Circuit addressing the actual question of concealed carrying of the hand guns, it twisted it to address whether it is a codified right to carry handguns, hence established it was not hence evading the real question. The state of California has only strict limits on people carrying concealed weapons, which only apply to the law abiding citizens with legal gun ownership. Gangbangers, crooked cops who sell illegal guns and felons care less about the laws, hence the common citizen being the one to suffer by the end of the day. This article should be an eye opener for Californian politicians who are always in the first lane fighting for the release of criminals from jail yet leave the loyal citizens exposed to all kind dangers; unable to protect themselves. Work CitedSavage, David. "Supreme Court Won't Hear a California Gun Case, Leaving in Place the State's Strict Limits On Concealed Weapons." Latimes.Com, 2017,

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