Immigration Socio-Economic Impact of Migration Flows


Immigration is the movement of individuals from one nation to another for the purpose of settling there. Immigration may be authorized or prohibited. Illegal immigration occurs when people enter another country from their home country without the receiving country's government's consent in writing (Leonore Loeb Adler Praeger). Migration to the United States without the required authorization should be viewed as a crime, and strong disciplinary action should be taken against the offender. Over time, there has been an increase in the number of illegal immigrants entering the country. The majority of illegal immigrants that enter the United States do so from Mexico, which is only across the border (Betalova 2014). The situation is hard to contain since people can easily cross the boarders into a neighboring country without being noticed. The situation has become an issue of great concern to the American government.

Illegal immigration and its impacts

Illegal immigration has inflicted the U.S in a number of ways both socially, politically, and economically. The immigrants compete for the limited employment opportunities with the American citizens. Since these illegal immigrants are willing to settle for low wages, employers tend to favor them over the Native Americans who would otherwise be employed in these positions.

There is a tendency of the illegal Mexican immigrants to keep inviting their family and relative illegally to the U.S, an act that increases the poverty levels of the country.

This paper will examine the political, social and economic impacts that illegal Mexican immigrants have brought to American soil.

Political impacts

The continued growth in the population of illegal immigrants coupled with the futile attempts of the federal governments to ensure that the American borders are secured, presents the United States and her citizens with serious national insecurity and threats to public safety. The taxpayer's money funds services that are consumed by illegal aliens at the expense of American citizens.

After decades of rapid Mexican immigration into the United States, the Mexican population currently stands at around 11.7 million immigrants. Only about half of the number attained their immigration through the legal means, otherwise known as the Green Card (Betalova 2014). Others either sneak their way into the country or are brought in illegally by their relatives already living in the United States. Mexico would arguably be considered the country's largest source of immigrants. While his predecessor did not take stern action towards reducing this trend, President Donald Trump has already declared his stand on the matter. The president's administration is already laying down strategies towards curbing the issue, including the proposed construction of a perimeter wall along the southern border (Dubose 2017).

The greater Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and Dallas are the metropolitan areas that have had greater numbers of Mexican immigrants. One reason America is considered great is that the country is able to provide for the people who reside here. Illegal immigration has had impacts on America both politically, socially and economically.

Economic impacts


The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act requires that healthcare providers should offer immediate services to individuals who require emergency attention whether American or foreign and whether they have the necessary cash or not (William Maxwell 2010). The provision has seen immigrants both legal and illegal crowd the healthcare centers. Most of the frequently offered emergency services in the healthcare facilities are related to childbirths, pregnancy complications and accidents. The burden for the emergency care rests on the shoulders of the U.S citizens as well as the authorized immigrants. Since illegal immigrants are mostly involved in casual labor, they are more likely to suffer accidents that will need emergency attention. The act demand that each person seeking emergency services are attended to without discrimination. Furthermore, failure to provide the illegal immigrants with healthcare services is more likely to cost the country in the end rather than save expenditure in the health sector.

Education costs.

It is estimated that nearly 5% of the population in schools comprise children who are illegal immigrants (Congressional Budget Office 2009). Most of the children are not proficient in English and therefore require remedial lessons to improve their language skills. This has in turn led to an increase in the costs incurred by public schools.

Impacts on employment and wages.

Since the Mexican unauthorized immigrants are willing to offer labor at lower costs, the employers tend to favor them in place of the native low skilled American workers. The American workers demand a better compensation for their services. The immigrants mostly provide labor in unskilled and semi-skilled sectors such as those of agriculture, maintenance, building construction, and food processing. The aliens, therefore, cause increased unemployment for the native high school dropouts, especially in cities with high population of aliens.

Social impacts

Increase in social vices (crimes and prostitution)

A social vice can be described as a practice or behavior that the society considers immoral or sinful and degrading to the society. Some Mexican unauthorized immigrants, after failing to secure the job opportunities and live the life they had dreamt of before sneaking into the country, turn into unacceptable p[practices to fend for themselves.

Some men, turn into criminal thugs and torment the innocent public along the streets while women indulge into prostitution to earn cheap cash and live a comfortable life. This has been a bad example to the young American population. America is founded on strong Christian beliefs and these immoral behaviors are strongly condemned by our Christian principles.

Population pressure and Congestion

The influx of illegal immigrants has led to a bulging population in the country. These people compete for the same resources that are meant to meet the needs of the American citizens

Due to familiarity complex, the aliens usually tend to cluster in specific geographic areas and occupations. This may be prompted by their dependence on their kin for assistance and for socio-economic adaptation. This tendency has led to congestion and stress on the available resources, most notably, accommodation facilities, healthcare facilities, educational facilities among others. As a result, the level of service offered in these facilities cannot meet the expected standards. Congestion also makes it easy and possible to contact communicable diseases.

Black Americans stereotyping

The readiness of the unauthorized Mexican immigrants to take jobs for lower compensations has resulted in most black Americans being laid off and stereotyped for not wanting to work. The cheap Mexicans are employed in their positions to save on the wage bill of the companies (Andrés Artal-Tur 2014). These Americans have mouths to feed and bills to pay. This has created tension in the past where black Americans feel like they are not treated with equity. While Americans should always come first, the government, however, has not come out to condemn this act.

Drug trafficking

Most unauthorized immigrants from Mexico have indulged into the illegal business of ferrying drugs through our borders into the country where it is sold to the youths. This erodes the morals of society and destroys our youths who become addicted in drugs. The detention of drug traffickers has done little to save the situation since our borders remain porous for entry by the Mexicans. (Longmire 2011 )

Political effects

The most disturbing political concern is that the aliens can be possible source of terrorism. Since they are able to sneak through our borders without screening, there are possibilities of carrying weapons across the borders, which can present serious security threats to the American population. The core responsibility of the American government is to ensure the safety of its citizens, including ensuring that the possible perpetrators of harmful acts are prevented from entering the country. However, since the immigrants enter the country unnoticed, there is a possibility that terrorist groups can use them to inflict danger on the lives of innocent Americans.


The issue of unauthorized immigration presents a big challenge to the government. The existing Immigration system makes it so hard for individuals who intend to come to the country legally and achieve their American dream, while people who want to enter the illegally find it very easy to do so and take advantage of our programs. There is need for immigration reforms to ensure full control of our borders and keep away the illegal immigrants.


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