How to Handle Your Pet Peeves in the Office

Pet Peeves

Pet peeves are annoying things that bother you a lot. They can be a small issue like littering or someone misusing punctuation, or they could be something bigger like terrorism. The key is knowing when to ignore them and how to handle them in a way that won't make you roll your eyes.

The Most Annoying Office Situations

You've probably heard people say that you shouldn't take office situations personally. It's true, there are a few instances that will make you cringe, but for the most part, most people aren't trying to hurt your feelings.

But what if there were certain things that would make you want to scream at the person who did it? And what if they were all happening around you all the time?

And that's exactly what we found out in a recent study of 1,026 US workers. Career website Zety asked participants to answer 56 questions about annoying office situations and how often they happened. The researchers then multiplied the frequency by the perceived annoyance level, and it turns out that the most common pet peeves happen to be the ones that both annoy you a lot and are very frequent.

1. Interrupting Your Work

Everyone gets interrupted at some point in the day, but if it's too often, it can be a real pain. The interruptions can interrupt your workflow, prolong the amount of time you spend on a project, and even cause distractions to get in the way of what needs to be done.

2. Leaving Empty Containers In the Fridge

It's a simple rule to leave empty containers in your fridge, but if you keep on forgetting that one, it's just annoying. Plus, it's a big mess when you have to go out and buy more food.

3. Clipping Your Nails In Public

It might seem harmless to cut your nails in public, but it can be a huge turnoff for some people. The sound and sight of little bits of your nail flying all over the place can shiver their socks off, so it's best to do it in a private space.

4. Standing Too Close To Another Coworker

Personal space is important in the workplace, so it's hard to understand why people will stand close to each other when they aren't supposed to. It's especially annoying if they're doing things like sneezing or coughing, as you can really feel the germs on their skin.

5. Getting Ghosted By A Coworker

Sometimes, you just can't focus on what you're working on because of something that's happening in your immediate surroundings. Maybe it's your next-door neighbor with a mutt that's barking or the kids in the hallway making the noise so loud that it interferes with your work.

And of course, it's just as irksome when you have to work around people who are always late and don't show up for meetings or meals. Getting ghosted by a coworker can be a real drain on your productivity and your relationships.

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