Government Laws

Every country and state has a distinct functional unit of government with well-maintained, well-defined policies and directions for assuming responsibility. Human life and relationships are interdependent, necessitating the development of positive and cordial communication skills and better coexistence. If these rules were ignored and everything was left to its own judgment, the entire ecology would go extinct. (Magelli, 2009, p. 33). In actuality, there would be complete miscommunication. There would be less meaning to life, and as a result, there would be less obligation in how people behave. Making non-visionary components that would be wholly unprofitable would compromise objectivity. Security which is a function of safety is paramount in every existence and practice yet in this case, there would be no safety measures in the quest for a goal. Non-ethical practices would be dominance making life vulnerable to effects of human distortion like deforestation and over mining which leads to life extinction (Cowton & Thompson, 2011, p. 11). Global warming which is a concern of the entire human race, would be double or even five times the rate. Because of these factors that are devastating, the law and stipulated principles that govern its delegation has to be enacted and fully supported, an aspect that is value additional to the entire human race. It is a direction to the vision that we conceive and a driving force for our total achievements in this life. It is the reason we live harmonious and take care of our environment, cautious of depleting practices.

Criminal law provides these principles deriving different experiences right from our local relationships in our homes to the sophisticated international co-relation (Hogg, 2014, p. 27). It explains aspects of accidental involvement in a situation that would undermine the integrity of the participants and how this should be handled ethically. Social practices which tend to overshadow daily business focus and profitability in situations of drugs and alcoholism are well factored and redefined accordingly (Nicklee & Hedley, 2012, p. 10). In every situation, the human integrity is factored very well and the intention of the action takes a center stage instead of the final outcome which could be due to an accident or an external force.

Sufficient evidence is always acquired and much considered for any verdict to be made. Besides, however much the evidence could be binding, the involved parties are given chance to elaborate their position concerning the matter in question. It is important that the sober state of both the mind and physic of the involved parties is taken into consideration and validated before the final decision is reached. Natural calamities are beyond human control and could be a reason for a loss of a property or a trigger to a series of events (Cunderlik, 2009, p. 75). This however, is observed and adequate direction concerning the possible cause of action advised. Medicine is inevitable in nature but could cause a reaction in the life of an individual. This could lead to toxic of the mind of a person making one act under influence that could be negative to life of the neighbor or the organization. Defensive mechanisms involving injury and even fatal cases could inflict pain in the aftermath to the victim. It is a possible scenario where the assailant eventually gets hurt just by chance and turns the case back to the survivor of the inferno (Johns, 2011, p. 40). In such cases especially where the assailant could result to death is catastrophic and could land the survivor who is the victim to punishment. Such cases are well taken into account, enough evidence gathered and a fair decision gauging the intention of the whole case validated.


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