God’s Presence in People’s Lives

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God is the divine being who created everything that exists on the earth’s surface. The Bible contains various accounts of creation that explain how God made heaven and earth, as well as humans. As a result, human beings are God’s project, and he is concerned about everyone’s well-being (Cranney). People believe that God rewards good deeds but punishes bad deeds. The Bible includes the words of God speaking to Cain, the son of the first man Adam, in Genesis 4:7. (Berlin et al.). God tells him if he does what is right, he will be acceptable before him and before the eyes of men but if he does what is right, he will be acceptable before him and before the eyes of men but if he does what is unacceptable sin will engulf him. The verse shows that God rewards a person when he does right but does not approve of the person who does wrong. God has the purpose for everything that happens to a person and he can arrange for particular trials or blessings. In Genesis12:10 God tells Abram that He will bless him and make him a great nation. In Isaiah 45:3 God tells the Israelites that he will give them hidden treasures and riches stored in secret places so that they may know He is God (Berlin et al.). The promise to the Israelites proves that God arranges and initiates certain blessings in people’s lives. In Job 1:7, God gave Satan the permission to tempt Biblical Job on the condition that he (Satan) does not touch Job’s life.

However, believing that God is involved in the details of people’s lives is not correct as it can only be explained through faith (Cranney). There is not tangible proof that can be put forward to directly tie God to a person’s life except through faith.

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