gender equality in the United States

One of the most divisive topics in many societies for a long time has been the problem of gender equality. While some parts of the globe have completely shunned the issue, other regions have made efforts to ensure that women have equal opportunities to men. Women were not given the same rights as males back then because they were viewed as property, particularly when it came to access to education and employment, among other things. (Bolt, 2014). The United States has implemented a number of laws that give women the same chances as men. The nation has made an attempt to guarantee equality of resources and opportunities for all people, regardless of gender. Nonetheless, most areas have not fully embraced the fact that men and women are equal. In fact, some bosses disqualify applicants of jobs on the basis of gender (Bolt, 2014). To date, women are still discriminated against on several issues. This discussion entails a few examples of discrimination against women. With each problem, it shall attempt to provide a solution to each problem.

The greatest discrimination women face that of leadership (Wayne, 2014). Most people are confined to the notion that men are better leaders and decision makers in comparison to women. Society has made us believe that only men can make great leaders. On the contrary, some men have no leadership skills (Wayne, 2014). A good example is George Bush, the 43rd president of the United States. American citizens agree unanimously that Bush’s rule was the worst in the history of America. The last elections in America had Donald Trump elected as the 45th president of America. One of the major reasons Hillary Clinton missed the seat was the gender factor. To eradicate this stereotype, people must be given equal opportunities to exercise their leadership skills. Gender should not be one of the factors people consider while selecting a leader in any position. Instead, people need to consider the policies at hand and the potential of the leader to be selected. In doing so, the country will be able to have elite and diligent leaders who are capable of leadership. Also, it will give younger women with leadership capabilities an encouragement in that the society will not prevent them from attaining their dreams.

The other challenge women in America face that of career choice (KALANTRY, 2017). The society has confined people to believe that there are male careers and female careers. This is a myth that needs to be eradicated in the minds of people. Intelligence is not imprinted on a particular gender, rather depends on the effort an individual puts towards their education (KALANTRY, 2017). In the past, careers such as engineering, leadership, medicine, and architecture were referred to as male careers. This implied that only male could study courses pertaining to these careers. Females were left to study courses such as catering and housekeeping. In the recent past, defied women have defied this notion and went ahead to become successful engineers and doctors (KALANTRY, 2017). The field of medicine particularly swarms with several female doctors. The curriculum has been modified to allow men and women to enrol equally in the courses of their liking, as long as they meet the qualifications. Like stated earlier, intelligence is not imprinted on gender rather depends on a particular individual. Allowing men and women equal chances of studying increases diversity and ensures that the only the best practice their careers. This gives every individual a sense of fulfilment as they are able to follow their passion.

Another great area of discrimination is that of the abortion laws (O'Reilly & Cahn, 2012). Over a long time, abortion has been illegal to practice no matter the circumstance. It is considered as an offense by the law since it is taking away a life. However, in some instances, a woman may encounter problems during pregnancy, putting her life at risk. If no action is taken, it is possible that both lives could be lost. To avoid this, the congress passed a bill that would permit abortion in particular situations (O'Reilly & Cahn, 2012). For example, the life of a mother may be in constant danger when carrying another life inside them. In such a situation, it is better to save the mother’s life and terminate that of the foetus. In some instances, women naturally miscarry when they are not able to carry the pregnancy to term. Therefore, the law was passed to ensure the protection of life. However, it should be conducted in a medical facility, only when need be. In any other instance, abortion is considered a crime. Even with this law at hand, some individuals shun abortion completely even when the mother’s life is at risk. They claim that one of the jobs of a woman is to give birth. They do not consider the health status of the mother. Couples should, therefore, make a habit to visit the clinical as soon as they learn that they are expecting a baby (O'Reilly & Cahn, 2012). This way, they may detect any issue with the pregnancy, thus know what measure to take. As such, the lives of many women will be much better. Also, by seeking medical attention, one may detect whether or not they have any medical condition that may avert them from carrying a pregnancy to term. This will, therefore, increase the chance of safe and healthy pregnancies in the future.

All in all, people need to know that men and women are equal and should be treated as so. Discriminating a person on the basis of gender at this day should be considered ignorant. Whatever a man can do a woman can do equally as well or even better. Women who are in places of leadership, for example, have proved that with the right mind set and knowledge, it is possible to be a good leader just as men are. Also, male and female should have equal opportunities of pursuing their careers and thus ensuring their prosperity. Rights and responsibilities are not assigned to particular gender, rather to an individual. The bill of rights did not have separate rights for men and women but merged, for the whole nation. Once the society accepts that men and women are equally good, then it will be possible to progress economically and socially. A person’s ability must not be tested with gender, rather with their ability to perform particular tasks. Once every citizen is able to shun gender discrimination, the society will progress as they will have the best of all careers. Also, allowing people to follow their passion makes them happier and fulfilled. This will create a happy and conducive mood to work in.


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