Famous People Who Have Worked For the Ford Motor Company

The Ford Motor Company

The Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automobile manufacturer based in Dearborn, Michigan. It was founded by Henry Ford on June 16, 1903. The company produces cars and trucks under the Ford brand and also sells luxury cars under the Lincoln luxury brand. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of cars in the world, and has over 60,000 employees.

Jacques Nasser

Jacques Nasser was a former CEO of the Ford Motor Company. During his tenure, he worked across 10 countries in six continents and saved the company billions of dollars in losses. His success is particularly reflected in the turnaround of the company's operations in Australia and Europe.

Nasser was a visionary and an international businessman. He earned his degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and joined Ford Motor Company as an analyst. While at Ford, Nasser faced a number of challenges and was forced to travel to Buenos Aires. When Nasser arrived, the Ford facility was under siege by a guerilla group protesting President Raul Alfonsin's harsh policies.

Nasser's commitment to innovation was evident in his decisions to buy out independent dealers and turn them into superstores. He also relocated the Lincoln-Mercury headquarters from Michigan to Irvine, California. A more liberal climate was present in Irvine.

Henry Ford II

In the mid-1950s, Henry Ford II joined the company and served as chairman and CEO. As a young man, Ford II inherited a company that was in a state of disarray. He quickly turned the company around by hiring ten former U.S. Air Force officers and bringing in a group of progressive thinkers to help him build a new company with modern management systems. By the end of his tenure, Ford was once again profitable and the company expanded its overseas operations.

Henry Ford II was born in Detroit, Michigan, on September 4, 1917. He was the eldest of the four children of Edsel Ford and Eleanor Clay Ford. His education included attending Yale University, where he studied sociology, but failed to gain enough credits to graduate. Upon returning home, he married his high school sweetheart and joined the Ford Motor Company.

After leaving the Navy, Ford II joined the company's management. His position included general administrative duties, including being an assistant to the director of naval training for the ninth naval district. In 1943, his father died, and Henry Ford II was released from the Navy. He returned to the Ford Motor Company a few years later. At the time, the company was losing $10 million a month, and President Franklin Roosevelt was considering government intervention to help it turn things around.

Lee Iacocca

Lee Iacocca, or Anthony "Lee" Iacocca, was an American automotive executive. He helped develop cars like the Ford Mustang and the Continental Mark III. He also helped revive the Chrysler Corporation during the 1980s. His career was short, but he had a strong impact on the automobile industry.

Iacocca began his career as an assistant sales manager for the Ford Motor Company's Philadelphia district. While working there, he came up with a marketing campaign known as "56 for '56." The "56 for '56" campaign gave people the chance to buy a 1956 model car for 20% down and $56 a month for three years. The campaign gained national attention, and Iacocca quickly moved into the general manager position at Ford's Dearborn headquarters.

While at Ford, Iacocca also worked for Chrysler. In addition to his years as a car salesman at Chrysler, he was also the man responsible for the creation of the Ford Mustang. His goal was to become the Ford Motor Company's vice president by the time he was 35. He quickly rose the corporate ladder, though he didn't become Division Vice President until he was 36 years old. His appointment came after Robert McNamara left the company to become the Secretary of Defense.

Semon E. Knudsen

Semon E. Knudsen, or affectionately known as Bunkie Knudsen, was a former executive of the Ford motor company. He was known for his entrepreneurial spirit, which helped the company create cars that were better suited for American consumers. Knudsen's career in automobiles spanned nearly six decades. He helped transform the company's image and shaped its future.

Knudsen was a member of the Epiphany Lutheran Church in Detroit. He made a significant contribution to LCMS projects in Detroit. He spoke English with a marked Danish accent. Knudsen was hard-working and keen-eyed, with an impressive vocabulary, including 15 languages. He and his wife Clara married in 1911. His subsequent career included a stint as executive vice-president at GM from 1966 to 1968, as well as a stint as Ford's president in 1969. He also served as chairman of the White Motor Corporation from 1971 to 1980.

Knudsen's father, William S. Knudsen, had risen through the ranks at General Motors, where he inherited his father's automotive interests. He had to assemble his father's car when he was only fourteen.

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