Ethics of Military Actions

Scenario A

As a soldier, opening fire on innocent people is against the insurance policies guiding the mission. The mission is to eliminate the enemy and not open fire on harmless people. As a responsible officer, I will not take part in a conspiracy that has claimed the lives of innocents. Before giving directions, the officer in cost should authenticate his/her information to avoid such mistakes. Covering up the mistake indicates that the officer responsible for the error admits to failing in his/her duties.

It would be a violation of the oath taken in the military school to cowl up for the death of innocent people. As an ethical officer, it is my duty to stand with the truth at all times. However, if the other members do not choose to stand with the truth, it might be hard t give justice to the dead people. My position would be at risk because the other officers might decide to support their version of the truth or come up with another version that implicates me. In such a situation, my position might change, and I might have no choice but to go with the majority despite the violation of my principles.

Scenario B

As a new police officer, my duty is to uphold law and order. If I stopped a vehicle and found several ounces of marijuana, I would confiscate the products without any second thoughts. I would not agree to the fact that my experienced partner suggests we use the marijuana for medical purposes for his wife. It is my duty as an officer of this country to uphold the law despite the computer system being down or not. It is my ethical obligation to uphold the law at all times without failure. Taking the drugs for other uses would be a violation of the law and violation of my principles as a person.

It will not matter if the officer has more experience than me. What is important is that I have a complete understanding of the law and comprehend my duties as an officer. By taking the drugs, we would be the same as the criminals selling the drugs and ruining the lives of the people taking the drugs. It would also go against the oath administered to me at the academy where I swore to protect the constitution of the country. Therefore, I would confiscate the whole bunch and uphold the law of the country.

Scenario C

It is inappropriate for a teacher to give a student inappropriate tests just to ensure the student fails. As the parent of Johnny, it would be hurting to see my son losing his scholarship from a test that is beyond his level. The fact that he performs well in other disciplines shows he deserves to retain the scholarship. As a good parent, I will let him do the assignment himself. However, I would take the matter to the leadership of the school. It is unethical for the teacher to victimize and discriminate on a student intentionally.

I would prove to the management of the institution that the assignments given to my son are beyond the scope of his studies hence inappropriate. Helping my son would amount the academic fraud. He would perform well in the unit, but it would not be his honest work. I would urge the management to consider giving my son another assignment that covers his area of study or take the matter to higher educational officers. Two wrongs do not make a right. Helping my son cheat on his exams makes me an accomplice in academic fraud.

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