Ethics in business

Corporate Ethics

One of the most difficult facets of today's world is corporate ethics. People partake in illicit business to make quick money or to profit from the sufferings of others. Individuals who argue that people should be able to control corporations are correct in this respect. Companies must understand the impact they have on the world as part of their social responsibilities and transparency. For example, it is critical for a mining company to assess the effects on its workforce and society as a whole.

Employee Exploitation

Similarly, paying employers pennies a day to produce products for sale is unethical. Such labor policies do not demonstrate accountability. Evidently, pennies per day are quite insignificant, and the workers may be left to suffer even more. Moreover, the community provides the workforce while the mining is still done within their region. As such, they ought to benefit more from the mining than the firm overseeing the exercise. In most cases, these businesses do not even develop the region either through infrastructure or improving the lifestyle of the citizens. It is unfair and unethical for a country to provide resources that only benefit another state. Firms are responsible for improving the living standards of these people before benefiting people abroad. In one of the videos, Michael Moore implied that companies and the CEOs are not in line with the current demands of many citizens. The labor service issue is a good illustration of the same.

Children Advertisements

Another ethics issue involves children adverts. It is inappropriate to advertise to children who do not comprehend whatever is being conveyed. Some firms take advantage of this aspect and promote unsuitable things like fast foods; thus, enticing the children. Therefore, commercials that use children can be blamed for the ever-increasing obesity rates.

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