Eric Duke for Texas State Governor

Eric Duke is the candidate running for the governor’s position, Texas State. Duke has the Texans at heart and has always displayed it through his various projects and contributions to the public policy formulations. Other than his academic contribution as a public policy expert, he has been involved in community activities and events, sharing with the youths, and helping the less fortunate in the community. Currently, The Duke’s Foundation continues to fulfill the dreams of young Americans by funding their funding their in-country volunteering activities and exchange programs.

Duke was born in 1975 in Texas. He studied Bachelors Arts in Economics at Texas State University, Masters of Arts in Policy Management Economics at The University of Aberdeen, and Philosophy of Doctorate in Policy Research from London School of Economics. Eric Duke has been part of the State advisory team and policy researchers for more than 15 years. He subscribes to the Democrats’ philosophies, thus, will be contesting with the Democratic Party. He will implement the existing policies and formulate new policies that will help in controlling the increasing cost of living, unemployment, insecurity among other issues.

Campaign Message

The campaign message will be “Working for a better Texas.” Duke’s experience in public policy research and involvement in Texas State’s policy formulation and implementation exercises will be his main selling points. Moreover, his involvement in community activities, church activities, activism, and charity through “The Duke’s Foundation” will make him the most popular contestant. Given the current economic challenges that are faced by Texans, they will be excited to have someone who is not only ready to work for them but also has both academic and professional experience in policy management issues.

The campaign message “Working for a better Texas” is the best for Duke given that he has been involved in the government activities both as an expert and as a citizen with better dreams for the State. Besides, the message will appeal to the elites and middle class who understand the need to have managers as governors. We will try to reach out to all citizens and educate them on the need to elect someone like Duke who has leadership, management, and education qualification for the post of State governor.

Campaign Strategy

Historically, Democratic Party has dominated Texas State since the 1876 Reconstruction. The Republicans have been viewed as people who are out to oppress and control the citizens.  Duke will use this notion to his advantage and bring together the votes of Democrats and their families. Moreover, we will reach out to Republicans who understand the need to change Texas through policy formulation, implementation, and informed decision-making.

            His past involvement in community activities, research, and funding through “The Duke’s Foundation” will enable him to earn loyalty and faith from all members of the State. Moreover, the affluent families and elites will find his school of thinking relevant to the current economic conditions of Texas State. Moreover, his focus on youth involvement in community activities through funding of in-country youth volunteering and exchange programs will make him identify with the young generation and parents.

Campaign Resources

The campaign team and resources will adhere to the requirements set by Texas Ethics Commission on office holders and funding limits for running campaigns in Texas State. Duke will utilize the large pool of young graduates who have been funded by his foundation to run grass root campaigns. The Duke’s Alumni will pass help him in winning the souls of the youth and young scholars. Duke will use his own savings and family and friends contribution to run his door-to-door campaigns. Moreover, the Young Generational Trust will fund Duke’s public engagements through public forums such as seminars, TV and radio talk shows, and interviews.

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