Engineering Education in Modern Day Economy

I my research, I would like to appear at engineering education. How relevant is engineering college education in modern day economy? In order to reply this question, I will look at how the world has become increasingly established on engineering to solve its many societal problems making engineering an important device in economic development. To do this, I will read books and articles to pinpoint some specific roles that engineering play in our economic system and how engineering education can ensure there is adequate knowledgeable persons to meet future demands.
Wasserman, A and P Freeman. Software Engineering Education: Needs and Objectives Proceedings of an Interface Workshop. Berlin: Springer Science & Business Media, 2012.

This book discusses the importance of communication between the industry and the educators in the field of software engineering. It argues that industries are in need of software engineers with advanced skills and training and who have a broad understanding of the issues involved in software development. This book will be useful in my research as I relate engineering education with societal problems.

Lawlor, Rob. Engineering in Society. London: Royal Academy of Engineering, 2013.

This report expounds on what engineering really is. It touches on various aspects of engineering that a prospective engineer and the society at large ought to understand including the roles and responsibilities of an engineer, inventions in engineering, their ethics and professionalism among other aspects. It recognizes that the society faces new challenges every day and engineering plays an important role in coming up with innovative solutions to such problems. This report will help me in explaining my research to the reader on how engineering has become a discipline in high demand, and that solves a range of economic challenges that would otherwise plunge the economy backwards.

UNESCO. Engineering: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities for Development. Paris: UNESCO Publishing, 2010.

This report looks at the roles of engineering in addressing the global issues facing our societies today such as pollution, environmental rsource management, climate change and access to clean water among other issues. The report stresses on the importance of transforming engineering education to an approach that emphasizes engineering as problem-solving oriented. I can use this report to highlight to the reader the significant contributions of engineering in our economy today.

Nichols, S and W Weldon. Professional Responsibility: The Role of Engineering in Society. n.d. 20 April 2017.

In this article, the authors argue that engineering exist because of the issues that the society encounters, and without the challenges in the society there would be no engineering. They further discuss how engineering is interconnected with societal needs and emphasize on the responsibilities of engineers on areas such as quality and communications. This article will aid me in my research as I convince the reader that our economy is based on inventions and innovations that offer solutions to the pressing world challenges. Therefore, engineering education is relevant as it influences tomorrows engineers.

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