Effects of Pets on People’s Lives

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Animals kept at home by humans for companionship are referred to as pets. The types of species differ, with dogs and cats accounting for the majority of livestock. One might ask if anyone might go to the trouble of keeping an animal at home. Getting a pet has a range of benefits, including physical, psychological, and wellness benefits, to name a few. Examples of benefits include reduced negativity, animals providing companionship to their families, tension relief, and blood pressure stabilization, to name a few.
Benefits of having pets
Reduction of negativity
Pets have proved to help people coming from bad experiences. When an individual thinks about or interacts with a pet, it gives them a feeling of relaxation. This can be compared to one similar with thinking of a person or interacting with a person after such an experience. A study was conducted, involving some individuals who owned pets. After being subjected to social experiences that affected their moods negatively, they were an opportunity to talk about their pets or best friends, after which they ended up getting rid of the negative feelings (HuffPost). The moments of talking about their pets or best friends proved that they relaxed after the negative experience.

Pet owners are healthier

Research shows that individuals who own pets are healthier compared to their counterparts who do not. It has been found out that it is difficult to sit all day when a pet is around. One will tend to move around with the pet, whether inside or outdoors. This is advantageous especially when a pet is taken for a walk. In the process, it results to exercise which in the end is good for someone’s health.

Reduction in loneliness

People who have pets not only have higher self-esteem but also get company from their pets. It has been proven from research that individuals with dogs as their pets tend to a greater fulfillment in the social perspective of their lives. This is comparative to fulfillment that is obtained from friends. It is also deduced that they had high self-esteem high senses of a meaning in life and belonging. This, however, should not be confused with people replacing their friends with pets, and that they do not put a lot of concentration on their pets than humans. Pets should serve as a complementary of human friends and not a replacement (HuffPost).

Stress reduction

Pets possess a sense of unconditional love. A pet does not have a give-and-take type of friendship, and in such case, they are a big source of stress reduction. They cannot judge and therefore, in, in such cases they offer the best company during moments of stress. This can be compared to human beings who would give support but may get tired at some point. They may even end up judging a person, an action which is not experienced with pets (HuffPost). It has been proven that pets can better comfort than even our spouses and dearest friends.

Reduction in blood pressure

Blood pressure control and management is a task that can be managed through the administration of drugs. These practices are not as effective as they were meant to be. A study was conducted in which individuals experiencing high blood pressure were give cats and dogs as pets, and others denied. From the study, it was proven that the individuals given pets experienced stability in their blood pressure than their counterparts (HuffPost). This shows that the relationship established between an individual and their pet improved their stress management.


Pets come with more advantages than disadvantages as depicted above. The benefits stated are just but a few. Pets also attract other people to our lives and make living happier. They ease stress management and improve relationship skills. It is therefore advisable that people get pets as they come with various advantages.

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