Do We Recognize Moral Responsibility?

People and countries frequently fail to acknowledge their moral responsibilities to persons who are not citizens of their country. People's actions in various regions demonstrate that people do not recognize their ethical obligation to those who do not live in their countries. In most cases, the pursuit of wealth and prosperity is at the heart of people's actions. People fail to recognize that actions in one part of the world can have negative consequences in other parts of the world. Globalization has resulted in greater interconnection of countries (Lamy and Masker 20). The lack of recognition of moral responsibility may lead to criminal and unethical actions in other regions. Besides, there would be minimal ethical problems in the world if people could recognize their moral responsibility to individuals with whom they do not share citizenship. Most of the people would be taking actions that consider their effects to people in other regions.

Responsibility for Foreign Policy Impact

The people in the nation have a responsibility for the impacts of foreign policy on other nations. The foreign policies greatly determine how the countries interact in their politics and economy. They set rules that ensure involved nations do not undertake activities that are not allowed by other countries in their relations. Therefore, the policies dictate the relationship between nations. Individuals should formulate foreign policies that will aim at benefiting the people from interacting countries. The foreign policies ensure that people in other nations do not commit criminal or unethical actions, as it will affect political and economic relations between the countries. Therefore, people have the responsibility for the kind of foreign policy that their countries are using on other nations. Besides, citizens in a nation can take actions to ensure their leaders take initiatives to change the foreign policies where they feel they are meeting the required needs.

Are We Culpable?

The nations and people are culpable for their foreign policies. The interacting nations involve politics and trade. The nations should formulate foreign policies that aim at limiting any criminal or unethical actions of their partners. Also, countries often have the opportunity of altering the foreign policies with the aim of ensuring actions in other nations meet the required standards. In cases where all the trading partners require a nation to meet a particular set of standards, the country deviating from these standards will have complied with the requirements. These policies should consider the type of leadership in another country as far as the treatment of the citizens is concerned. The nations should always monitor the actions of their partners to ensure that they meet the standards set by foreign policies. Therefore, countries and people remain to blame for foreign policies that allow criminal and unethical actions in other nations.

Contribution towards Terror

Maintaining a foreign policy that ignores some of the unethical actions of other nations amounts to terror on the citizenry of such countries. These regimes often obtain financial resources from the trade with other nations. The regimes then, in turn, use the earned resources to terrorize their citizens through authoritarian leadership. Thus, the lack of proper foreign policy or ignoring the unethical action in another nation due to the pursuit of wealth is culpable. Therefore, nations should stop any relations that can support these authoritarian regimes that make them culpable.

Work Cited

Lamy, Steven L. and Masker John. Introduction to Global Politics. Oxford University Press: New York, 2017. Print.


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