Daily operations of a community


Any facets of a community's everyday activities must not be ignored. The fact that discipline is closely linked to justice in society has always held a lot of weight. To be able to pursue justice, one must be self-disciplined. As a result, if a person has no respect for the two, he or she may be unable to exercise either. It is difficult to fix a problem without looking at the cause, as Martin Luther King Jr. told the Birmingham clergymen. Martin Luther King Jr. recognizes that some Christian leaders were opposed to the missionaries' attempts to combat injustice in society. He emphasizes on the need for people to shun bigotry as it does not respect the rights of the human beings. Martin Luther Jr. corrects the indiscipline of the other clergymen who do not see the problem that comes with discrimination of people based on race. In this case, he encourages all the community members including the clergy to join them in the fight for equality.

Martin Luther Jr.'s Motivation

Martin Luther Jr. maintains that he has not been jailed because of any wrongdoings but due to the injustice that exists in the city of Birmingham. His fight for justice in the town is motivated by the ill-treatment the people of the town are getting. Therefore, he aims a rallying the other people and clergymen behind him so that together they can fight against the injustices.

The Need for Investigation

Luther Jr. reminds the clergymen that they should not just concentrate on the outward view of matters and be worried about the impacts. He tells them to be ready to investigate the cause of the issue at hand. In this case, Luther Jr. tries to explore the issue of conflict resolution in the community. Luther urges his fellow clergymen to help him find the cause of the problem so that together they can find a solution.


In conclusion, the members of a community must lay a lot of emphasis on conflict resolution. Proper means of achieving this is through self-discipline. For the desired results to be obtained, it is essential to ensure that the concerned parties do thorough investigations into the cause of the problem instead of on focusing on its impacts.

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