Culture Research

Culture is a facet of human nature that permits for the interaction of people within the community. Indeed, the knowledge and therefore the characteristics of particular individuals defined by the utilization of language, social interaction, the religious activities of the group and therefore the art and music. there's little question that the environment is a critical influence on the event of a specific culture. within the paper, the researcher spent a while within the cafe with the aim of understanding the movement of the people. From the observations made, the researcher develops a thematic analysis in an effort to answer two important questions: what are the interactions that occur within the cafe environment and what's the the reason that the coffee shop has become a conducive spot for students to study and work.

Setting and Context

The coffee shop that is off campus is called Villa. Despite having several Starbuck shops within the local town, the coffee shop seems to be the focal interest. The people speak of the place having the best coffee in the town. The coffee shop is elegantly arranged to ensure there is a place where people can access computers. The décor includes small tables that allow two or three people to sit together. There are also booths that allow large groups to sit together. The kitchen plan and the service area are set up to allow people to see the coffee machines and the assortment of snacks sold in the shop. The dominant color in the shop is brown with splashes of color here and there. However, the barrister sets the tone of the coffee house. The choice of music is soft and plays quietly in the background. There is energy in the shop influenced by the sounds of chatter, laughter and the noise made by the coffee machines. The atmosphere in the room is welcoming especially with the aroma of the coffee. The customers’ body language is engaging, calm, and happy.

The place is one of comfort because it offers a getaway from the business life of a student. The cool ambiance offers a place of comfort that allows people to study and work. The comfort of the shop is seen through the constant flow of people in and out of the shop. The area set aside for browsing is always. The single tables are full of students studying and working quietly on their laptops. However, the booths have some students

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