Critical Thinking Discussion

Thinking is described as a natural function of the idea that helps to synthesize ideas and offer a answer to problems. In this sense, critical thinking refers to the technique by which an individual actively applies, analyzes synthesizes and evaluates records to reach a definite conclusion. It is a unique and disciplined process of thinking due to the fact critical thinking employs unique thought patterns that are informed with the aid of evidence. This self-directed thinking forms the foundation of our beliefs. Also, critical thinking is essential in ensuring that a person relies upon on his or her thoughts to discern and make a rational conclusion. Adopting indispensable thinking especially by using the occupational therapy students can have positive implications. It reduces errors in thinking through logical thinking by the students. Critical thinking helps occupational therapy student on the need for further critical reflection. Since the profession is purely client-centered, the need to employ specific ideologies in different instances is significant (Crist and Scaffa 2012). Therefore, it helps in restructuring ones on thoughts. This means that a person does not risk on acting on faulty assumptions which can, in turn, affect the client-centered practice. It is an instrument that enables the students to emerge from the irrationality of not knowing to the knowing by thinking on their own. They can also evaluate prevailing values of the society and accept only what reason and evidence allow. Also, it tends to improve the occupational therapy students’ skills in asking questions that include synthesis, analysis, and application.According to Mulnix (2010), the ability to think critically improves the intellectual capacity. It influences the intellectual development standards such as clarity, accuracy, relevance, precision depth and logicality. It also strives to cultivate essential traits like integrity, open-mindedness, fair-mindedness, humility, empathy, and faith in reason. Barnawi (2017) states that reasoning skills are also an essential aspect of critical thinking This is important because it makes student self-opinionated. This characteristic makes them not to conform to traditional or modern ideologies. In this respect, students tend to question everything to obtain the real truth: the skill of relating ideas and make connections that enable them to make responsible decision and judgment.Critical thinking enables therapy students to avoid thinking pitfalls. These pitfalls act as barriers to thinking clearly. They include misinformation, bias, self-deception, propaganda, and prejudice. Imparting the students with critical thinking skills ensures that the above thinking pitfalls are avoided (Crist and Scaffa 2012). Reflective thinking that is mostly emphasized in critical thinking helps the students in synthesizing the information that they receive from their clients. Trough reflecting about the information is significant in ensuring that reasoning thought process is applied to arrive at a reasonable conclusion (Reynolds, 2011).In a nutshell, the human being rational creatures are subject to think. Hence, as thinking beings, the quality of thinking is what should continuously be improved. This, therefore, means that adopting critical thinking techniques is essential in making responsible decision and judgment. Furthermore, critical thinking has been used widely by the student to determine whether the information is false, true or partially true. Thus, the critical thinking has been critical in professional students.ReferencesBarnawi, O. Z. (2017). Writing centers in the higher education landscape of the Arabian Gulf., P., and Scaffa, M. (2012). Education for Occupational Therapy in Health Care: Strategies for the New Millennium. Routledge.Mulnix, J.W. (2010). Thinking critically about critical thinking. Educational Philosophy and Theory: pp 471Reynolds, M. (2011). Critical thinking and systems thinking: towards a critical literacy for systems thinking in practice. Critical Thinking. New York: Nova science publisher, pp. 37-68

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