Crime Scene Investigation of the Boston Marathon Bombings

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The importance of this article is to indicate some of the most relevant corruption findings on the terrorist bombing of the Boston Marathon. The study illustrates the essential effects of healing, the medical, data and the existence of the different evidence contained in the bombing site on Boylston Street. The inquiry will also investigate the help and treatment given to people who are hindered by the behavior and nervousness encountered by most of the bombings accused. Most of the evidence gathered at the crime scene assists in identifying suspects and this results to the prosecution of criminals who later undergo successful analyses and scientific test.

According to crime scene investigation department, the crime scene about the Boston bombing is one of the most multifaceted crime scenes that they have ever dealt with because it was full of difficulties. The investigation involved various law enforcement departments that include the Boston police, the Tobacco and Firearm agency, the Massachusetts national police and finally the superior explosives specialists from the Alcohol Bureau (Moretto and Ana 87). The main difficulty experienced is that some organizations might fail to comment on the nature of the devices that were used in the bombings. According to some experts, the primary evidence points put towards a pipe bombing device. The bomb is usually metallic or plastic where it is filled with some explosive constituents. This appears to be one of the initial standard encounter explosive devices in the United States.

The significance of the evidence obtained at the crime section is that best practices were collected and recommendations made regarding public health, public safety and the medical workers who were involved in obtaining the evidence (Wormwood and Jolie 112). The investigations also suggest that it was important to take some corrective procedures that would aid in addressing issues that require some improvements. The best lessons and practices acquired from the action process provide insight into other organizations, jurisdictions, and agencies across the country and enables them to better their potential for preparing for such occurrences in future. According to the investigation, the Boston Marathon appearance was the first terrorist attack to happen successfully towards the non-military targets in the United States. The studies indicate that a second pressure cooker bomb burst to lead to the death of about three individuals and to injure 24 others. The incident occurred 190 meters apart and about 13 seconds close to the finish line set at the Boylston Street.

An intense debate existed among the commanders on whether they should release the images of the suspects or not. The release of the pictures would assist in identification, but it would risk fleeing the suspects. There could also be another possible attack from people for the publication of the images. It is, however, unfortunate that the Visit of the President and the first Lady resulted in more complications due to active investigations that could divert the resources. The FBI however released some photographs of two key suspects of 18th April related to the attack. The results indicate that an MIT police officer Sean Collier was ambushed while driving his cruiser and later murdered by the Tsamaeve brothers after being shot five times (Moretto and Ana 76). The two brothers were also able to carjack a Mercedes SUV on the Brighton Avenue where the owner escaped in the vehicle and allowed it to be tracked at midnight. Immediately after the incident, the Watertown Shootout occurred. The brothers threw some pressure cooker bomb at the officers on the Laurel Avenue. Various Tactical teams from several departments were deployed to conduct house searches in Watertown. It is unfortunate that some Watertown residents were found bleeding on 19th April in the boat located in the backyard of the residence.

Various agencies were involved in the investigations. The agencies that included the FBI investigation agency, the Boston Police among other organizations suggest that the primary evidence points out towards the pipe bomb maneuver. The evidence was also collected from various crimes scenes that are identified at Boylston Street in Boston, UMass Dartmouth, MIT, Cambridge, Watertown Capture on Franklin Street and at Watertown Shootout on Laurel Avenue (Wormwood and Jolie 32). On April 19th in 2013, the entire campus at U Mass Dartmouth was evacuated and later shut down immediately after the bombings. According to one of the students, it is evident that the explosion was crazy and tragic. Various U-Mass students were charged due to the conspiring of obstructing justice. Azamat Tazhayakov was however found guilty due to the obstruction of Justice and due to the conspiracy towards the obstruction of justice in July 2014.

Various evidence was acquired both at the Boylston Street Bombing site and at MIT site. At Boylston Street, the FBI seek to obtain evidence about DNA that was to assist in pointing towards the perpetrators. The DNA was also to identify the items used either as PVC or metal pipe fragments. The evidence was also to find out the experimental bombs that were subject to the low-grade explosives that consisted of the smokeless powder (Wormwood and Jolie 78). The evidence would assist in influencing the accomplishment of generating the DNA outline of the fragmentations and successive recovery of the bomb remains. The MIT indication was to identify the evidence about the carjacking incidence and details regarding the cash withdrawals in the Watertown Square. This would assist in the capture of suspects involved in the murder of the MIT officer.

It is also significant to identify the types and nature of the evidence sought both at UMass Dartmouth site and at Dexter Ave and Franklin Street. On 19th April, various schools were closed and all public transport suspended at Dexter Avenue and Franklin Street. People were also advised to remain in their homes as police conducted door to door investigation in Watertown. The Military vehicles were busy patrolling the streets (Moretto and Ana 345). Evidence suggests that the law enforcement department was able to identify that a man by the name Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who was a terrorist was arrested inside a boat at Watertown. From a note inside his ship, it is evident that the Boston bombings were dedicated in revenge for the United States combats in the Muslim nations.

Summing up, the incident related to Boston Marathon is a lesson that calls for preparedness of any tragedy that is likely to occur due to a terror attack. It is necessary to enhance some security measures in every country especially during an international event so as to increase the peace. About the Bombings at Boston, the city of Boston needs to consider the provision of some first aid training to various organizations so as to enhance them with skills that will help to identify signs of the psychological trauma in their workers. Various agencies should also address issues regarding the health concerns like the chemical hazards and structural safety. All information acquired is a subject to the laboratory examination and the technical information regarding the volatile devices that can be cross-referenced together with the national databases.

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