Composition and Visual Arts

Composition in Art

Composition performs an important role in literature, visible arts, theater or music. A strong and sensitive focus of composition is very crucial to the creation of a work that is unified. Composition is the way the element parts of a work of art are organized in the given space. Composition not only determines the energy of the work, but it is important in conveying and assisting work content or the communication of thinking and meaning. A successful composition is more than the visible organization. Composition has elements known as formal factors which are the basic building blocks for a practical work of art.

Importance of Viewfinder in Composition

A viewfinder is a simple and useful painting tool which helps the painter to select and isolate specific elements in a scene to get the best composition. We have learnt that a viewfinder is our window which blocks out visual distractions and helps in focusing attention on the art work. It also binds and provides boundaries to negative space and defining specific shapes. It also helps in determining whether a vertical or horizontal orientation of the format is the best, depending upon which is more efficient in utilizing the entire format and establishing a very strong composition.

Thumbnail Studies and Composition

Thumbnail studies are important in overall composition because thumbnail can serve as a memory aid to help us remember essential features of a subject when making notes of our artwork. Artists use thumbnail to plan pictures and it is possible for them to quickly experiment with format and composition. Also, the thumbnail studies allow you to explore several different options for composition without fear of failure. Moreover, they offer an opportunity to explore different formats such as horizontal. Thumbnail studies are generalized, offering simplified information about placement and proportion of objects.

Examples of Compositions

Figure 1-161 is long and the primary position of the forms is horizontal. The density of the implied form decreases because lines or units are spaced far apart. The placement of the illustration is in the middle of the page and there is little negative space. Figure 1-163 is placed in a horizontal position and its size is relative. The forms have the same intervals which form a pattern. Also, objects are near to each other. Moreover, humans dominate the composition, moving off the top, right, and left sides of the drawing surface and the negative spaces are clearly defined.

Still-Life Objects in Composition

Still-life objects offer an opportunity to draw different kinds of shapes, objects, and textures which can range from simple to complex. They are symbols that we encounter every day and they are meant to have more universal meaning and offer no real potential to shift back and forth from a literal meaning to a symbolic meaning. Besides, still-life objects are pictures of objects that have been arranged in a composition. The artist uses a precise composition and lighting to render shape and show the surface objects. They also use manmade and natural objects which are carefully selected and placed in the scene to act as symbols and metaphors. Still life objects are considered to be an effective subject for introducing and reinforcing processes and methods because the techniques of drawing are based on direct observation. Also, adequate lighting is extremely important in order for you to see the objects without eyestrain or visual confusion. The light source also should kept as singular as possible.

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