Community participation methods and Services

A community and its social issues

A community is a collection of people who share similar traits and live in the same area (De Leon, G. 2000). After understanding the social issues that communities face, it is only feasible to pinpoint the appropriate strategies for security. Using Canadian communities as an example, this study explores the various security measures that might be used in a community.

The impact of insufficient service delivery

Pupavac, V. (2003) claims that insufficient service delivery is the root cause of social issues in communities. Community organizations provide both direct services like education and indirect services like environmental upkeep. These services fall into one of two categories, residential or non-residential, just like in all other communities. Social problems that can occur as a result of inadequate services include crime, prostitution, corruption, burglary, and fraud among others.

Methods of securing a community

So, what is the best way to secure a community? Out of the social problems come the possible methods of securing a community from social problems. Rice, J. J., & Prince, M. J. (2013) suggest that some of the ways include hiring security services, cleaning up the community, ensuring proper lighting and fencing of the community.

The importance of a qualitative approach

However, the best way to secure a community is the use of qualitative approach rather than a physical approach. This is to mean that instead of establishing physical measures such as fences, one ought to inculcate proper behavior in the community. The best way to ensure proper behavior is the use of rewards and punishment in the community. A community where the members have good behavior will not get involved in corruption, prostitution or crime. Such a community will have the spirit of hard work hence there will be no overreliance on services offered by agencies. Such a community will have people being brother’s keeper and no tight security detail needed (Sanoff, H. 2000).


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