Classical Mythology

To be sure, "Io and Jupiter" is an intriguing painting that is symbolic of ancient mythology. The myth is distinguished by elements of love, strife, and familial ties. In summary, Juno and Jove's character traits clearly exemplify the representation of love as a vital aspect in an individual's life. At the same time, the obvious love intrigues help to show the individuals' level of mistrust and open antagonism. Nonetheless, the ongoing disputes in the myth's evolution are indicative of the myth's ostensibly hostile environment. Markedly, the family relationships in the myth are fascinating to the reader since they appear to be unclear at the beginning, but are later revealed in the flow of the myth. Certainly, “Io and Jupiter” makes for an outstanding classical work of literature that has lived over the ages since the ancient times.

At the opening section of “Io and Jupiter” the imagination of the reader is brought to a sharp focus. The state of the natural environment from the narrator’s point of view is alluring and beautiful. The narrator describes a might river within his vicinity and relates its position in the nature to the object of love expressed by a virgin: “…mighty River loves…deep in gloom…of rocky cavern…” (Morford and Robert 46). The strength of flow in the river is compared to the show of human romance. Distinctly, the element of personification has brought out the thematic concern of the narrator in the myth in the sense of the meandering streams and the deepening waters. Truly, the immense attraction showed by Jove for his love is seen in the classical myth: “…virgin…worthy of immortal…Jove…” (Morford and Robert 47). Fundamentally, the classical myth is a celebration of ancient art.

Works Cited

Morford, Mark PO, and Robert J. Lenardon. Classical Mythology. Oxford University Press, USA, 1999.

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