Civilization and Progress or the Natural Environment

Evaluating the Relevance of Civilization and Progress

Evaluating the relevance of civilization and progress in relation to the natural environment might be difficult; yet, it is clear that progress and civilization would not exist in the first place without the natural environment. As a result, the natural environment is more crucial. Agriculture brought about human civilization and progress, but the natural environment has existed from the beginning of time. The concept of civilization encompasses both abstract and material culture. Progress in nature control, according to Tellegen, is an unclear benefit for a variety of reasons. Civilized human activities can destroy nature on purpose, for instance, companies may cut down tropical forests to set up other things (74). Further civilization has unintended consequences both in the form of more or less permanent environmental stress and in the form of rare accidents.

Issues of Ecological Crisis and Natural Environment Destruction

Issues of ecological crisis as well as the destruction of the natural environment are now a concern for the contemporary civilization; they are global issues. The pre-modern man had never experienced ecological difficulties that the modern man is facing. Although humankind has been familiar to natural disasters, it is only during the modern period that humanity has witnessed natural environment destruction at its hands. The modern destructions can be credited to the rapid progress in technological development. Natural environment is beyond price, mankind's environmental concerns and values cannot be reduced to a market price. Many inventions are perceived as the mark of civilization and progress. However, they are also a damage of the natural environment. The traditional role of human beings since time immemorial has been to act as the protector of the natural environment from man-made destruction. The way of progress and civilization that is in harmony with the natural environment.

Work Cited

Tellegen. Society & Its Environment. 1st ed., Florence, Taylor and Francis, 2014.

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