Choir practice for easter holidays

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Getting involved in an engaging event in the church like the choir practice for the upcoming Easter holidays is important for me with the practice sessions involving a lot of coordination between the choir such as the bass, tenors, and supranos and including the pianists, drummers, flutists, and guitarists. I was the flutist and it was fulfilling, coming with a handful of benefits mentioned below. As I got involved in the event, it was important for me as it made me feel one with the church.
and helping me to contribute to fellowship through service to my creator on the basis of religion. I appreciated that I could partake in the events of the fellowship through service which is the main reason behind religion, service to the creator. Last but not least, give that it was a volunteering session, I got the fulfillment that comes from within when an individual gives free service for the sake of others. It is a sense of accomplishment that is unique to volunteerism.

The most important benefit was that of team playing, I learned how to operate within a team while maintaining my uniqueness. The engagement in the choir practice also demonstrated to me the relevance of coordination and having a leader who can offer guidance to the team. Proper leadership is crucial to the success of a team. Last but not least, it proved important for me to attend as I learned the critical role of communication in complex setups involving teams. As long as communication was proper and appropriate, the band and the singers operated in unison and the voices and overall output were impressive. The cases where there was miscommunication often resulted in poor vocals and off tune instrumentation.

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