Causes and Effects of Health Promotion

Health promotion

Health promotion is a system that allows people to take control of and improve their health in various ways. It broadens its emphasis on individual behavior to include social and environmental intervention. As a result, the health promotion program must be integrated into the daily lives of communities by affecting the leading causes of poor health. Health promotion uses a variety of approaches to address health-related issues, depending on the community's participation. It also takes into account the social obligations and cultural traditions that exist in various countries. Because health literacy includes health promotion, it is responsible for educating and disseminating information that will improve the standards of health. To successfully accomplish this, it teaches individuals and the community at large to pinpoint their necessities and assists in the discernment of curbing risk factors to raise living standards.

Importance of wise health choices

The community at large should know that it is vital to choose wisely on health habits, health at large, and lifestyle. Consequently, the possibility of pollution on an individual and environmental facet is limited. Other social organizations involved in health matters should play a role in health promotion by taking counsel from the health direction on particulars that enhance conventional welfare. Some of the aspects that can boost common benefits include: suitable working conditions, sufficient food, good education, favorable social security, and preservation and management of social and natural environment (Wurzbach 86). Health matters are a duty for every person, household, community, and professionals. There has been major strides and progress in health education which can be attributed to using partaking and affective strategies. However, more can still be done.

Education and health

Statistics show that individuals with more education have the possibility of living longer and healthier lives compared to those who have none or little schooling. Education is very significant to health because there is a complex yet close relation to the income, skills, and opportunities that individuals have to necessitate healthy lives in their zone (Dash & Neena 101).

Core elements for health promotion

There are three core elements necessary for health promotion: quality governance for health, health literacy, and healthy towns. Quality health governance requires policymakers from every branch of the government to declare that health is a principal facet of government policy. Owing to this, health results have to be factored into every decision and to pass policies that will ensure individuals not to fall ill or get injured. In regards to health literacy, the world at large needs to possess knowledge, information, and skills that will enable them to make healthy choices. These choices range from food consumption to healthcare services (Wurzbach 93). It is a right to have the opportunity to make these choices as well as guaranteed a context whereby citizens can demand further implementations to the policies that will enhance health factors further.

The role of cities in promoting good health

Cities have a significant role in advancing good health. It is a key essential for towns and municipals to be committed and have efficacious leadership. This will guarantee salutary urban planning and boost pre-emptive measures in the locality as well as health care amenities (Dash & Neena 111). Existence of healthy cities generates healthy nationalities and consequently good health globally. Individuals who have good health have reduced stress levels, thus they are not prone to get stress-related complications. Health promotion is playing a vital role in regulating and curbing diseases which are contagious that result in high mortality and high morbidity.

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