Blood Pressure

Should your blood pressure be way lower than it is?

by Alice Park aims to establish the benefits of low blood pressure as well as the risks of high blood pressure. According to the article, high blood pressure caused by increased body cholesterol puts a strain on the heart and blood vessels. People are at risk of dying prematurely due to high blood pressure, which is related to heart problems. According to the article, young patients should have a blood pressure of 120/90, while the elderly should have 150/90. (Park 19).

The effects of high blood pressure

The report provides a logical flow of information that outlines the studies undertaken to check the news, guaranteeing the editorial's high credibility. About the heading, the article provides clear information on the effects of high blood pressure. The article incorporates ideas from professionals in the medical field who support the ideology that high blood pressure is not safe. Such experts include Dr. Paul Whelton from Tulane University and Dr. Wayne Riley who is the president of American College of Physicians (Park 20). The two professionals concur with the findings of the study carried out on 9,300 patients proving that high blood pressure is not good for the heart. The professional contributions of the two doctors raise the credibility of the study making the article very informative.

Personal agreement with the report

In my personal view, I agree with the findings of the report due to the experiment conducted on the 9,300 samples, which generated similar results (Park 19). I concur with the explanation offered on the varying blood pressure levels between the old people and the young generation. According to the article, the stiff arteries of the elderly are not adequate for transportation of blood to all the vital body organs. Therefore, the blood pressure of the elderly should be higher to compensate for the stiffness. The views expressed by the article concur with my perception making the article both informative and fascinating to read.

Work Cited

Park, A. “Should your blood pressure be way lower than it is?.” (2015): 19-20.

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