Bigots Get a Boost from the Bully Pulpit after Charlottesville

Bigots Get a Boost from the Bully Pulpit

After Charlottesville, according to the post. Scherer and Altman (2017) condemned Donald Trump's conduct and statements defending the neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, and white nationalists that wreaked havoc in Charlottesville, Virginia. Prior to this release, President Trump defended the Charlottesville demonstrations, referencing the fact that not all protesters were white nationalists. Furthermore, the president said that the protesters were just there to oppose the demolition of the statue of Robert E. Lee.

Instead of Commiserating with the American People

Instead of commiserating with the rest of America's people who have endured devastating Ku Klux Klan flashbacks, Instead of commiserating with the rest of the American people who experienced devastating flashbacks of the Ku Klux Klan courtesy of the street fights in Charlottesville, Trump seemed more concerned about the apparent subversion of the American history and culture.


Trump's statements drew mixed reactions from different quarters in America. Most of the people who criticized and also routed for him perceived this as a miscalculated move. As the president, Trump needs to be regarded as a symbol of national unity. He should have seized the opportunity, like many of his predecessors, to unite the American people who are already divided.

Trump's Hypocritical Nature

However, it seems that though many people condemned Trump's 'rogue' statements, he received compliments from a section of the people and particularly a group known as the white-nationalist movement. This movement lauded the president for being honest about what transpired at Charlottesville and pledged to support him. The period after the Charlottesville protests showed Trump's hypocritical nature. He was initially very empathic and vowed to reconcile the American people before changing his 'tune' a few days later by supporting the white supremacists.

The Culmination of a Deep Rift

The Charlottesville incident was a culmination of the rift that has been there in the United States where a faction of the society feels more superior to their counterparts. The white supremacists, for example, feel that they are been disenfranchised and that their fortunes are gradually deteriorating. This belief is often seen as the basis for their bigotry tendencies within the country. As if having a section of the population who could not accommodate other people's views or religious affiliation was not enough, the U.S has to contend with having Trump -who continuously spews racial politics- as its president.

The Rise of Alt-Right Hate Mongers

The racist and hateful remarks being exhibited by Trump seem to relate to the white supremacists and also a new breed of hate mongers known as the alt-right. The latter faction is usually behind the internet trolls on some of the anonymous message boards and videos on YouTube that pay homage to Adolf Hitler. Some of the alt-right groups that were involved in the protests include the League of the South, the Traditionalist Worker Party, Identity Evropa, Vanguard America, and the Unity and Security for America group.


With as much as Trump's ideologies seem to be aligned to some fascist beliefs, he should strive to distance himself from any form of bigotry. Trump's actions and utterances are likely to have some grave implications on the GOP, his regime, and the country at large. The recent poll ratings depict that the support he commanded is gradually dwindling and it seems that the ill-fated move of rallying behind right-wing extremism will precipitate disaster for his tenure in the future.

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