Avocado toast preparation

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For most people, breakfast is a vital meal, since it provides resources to fulfill everyday obligations. In addition, strong breakfast is recommended, since the day’s tasks mean that the food is digested in an appropriate manner to maintain weight (Zelman, 2017). However, people are short of breakfast options and the majority are reduced to toast, cereals and snacks in general. The nutrients contained in snacks are not healthy, which underlines the need for better breakfast options. It is also essential to prepare a meal that has fruit and other minerals and vitamins. Avocado toast is nutritious with a low cholesterol content, which keeps the body active and healthier. Audience Profile
The target audience for this speech is the college students as they are energetic and much willing to explore cooking strategies. Further, they are very active, which states the need for a nutritious breakfast to empower them in their daily duties. In addition, the college students are willing to learn and practice new ideas to improve the quality of life. Therefore, I believe they will embrace the speech and carry the message home.

Annotated Bibliography

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The aim of the article is to explore the health benefits of Avocado toast. According to the author, a whole avocado contains 322 calories and 29 grams of monounsaturated fats. The monounsaturated fats are easy to dissolve, which reduces cholesterol levels responsible for heart diseases. Again, the monounsaturated fats help in blood sugar control. Therefore, Avocado toast is not only nutritious for breakfast but also has health benefits.

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According to the article, avocado toast is the ultimate cosmopolitan food and a familiar dish in household settings. Avocado toast is known and preferred by many people around the globe due to its low concentration of cholesterol and high level of nutrients. In addition, the article suggests that the best way to welcome visitors in the mornings is preparing them avocado toast and they will feel more than been at home.

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The aim of the article was to evaluate the extent to which the rise of avocado toast is legit. The results indicated consuming an avocado toast for lunch would help curb post-meal hunger pangs. Avocados are rich in potassium and fiber, which fights aging and reduces cholesterol levels. For these benefits, the article recommends avocado toast intake regularly.

Speech Draft

Hello. Hope you are all fine. I welcome you to this learning session. I am grateful to be teaching us how to prepare an avocado toast. As the name suggests, an avocado toast contains sliced or smashed avocado, which is then sandwiched in break and an egg if you like. It is that simple! Avocado toasts had their origin in California but are taking preeminence over the globe due to their underlying health benefits. You can take it for your breakfast or lunch but not dinner as it contains too much nutrients that are not recommendable for dinner. Keep me company in this speech as we look at how we can prepare avocado toast and the benefits of preparing such a toast.

First, let us assemble our ingredients. We do not want to work like builders without a plan who climb up and down the building looking for what they need. Make sure you rush to the most quality grocery shop as we want to make a tasty meal; not just any meal. First, we need one ripe avocado, which you can select according to your taste. Remember ripe to me may not mean ripe to another person. We all have our tastes. Again, grab half a lemon you will also need some salt and the desired toast bread quantity. For flavor, we will consider red pepper flakes. We will also need some amount of olive oil (Jacobsen, 2016).

After you have assembled all your ingredients, follow keenly the outlined procedure to get the best taste out of the toast. Pay attention so that you make an exact replica of what we are making here. I do not want you to mess in your kitchen and blame me. Therefore, ensure you do not miss a step. First, cut the avocado in half. You can ensure you have a sharp knife that will not keep you cutting the avocado. A knife as sharp as mine will just cut it once as you can see.

Secondly, remove the pit. Scoop the avocado flesh and place it into a bowl. Squeeze the lemon juice out of the lemon and have it into a container or just a cup. Sieve out the seeds and any juice succulents to ensure you remain with fine juice. Add the lemon juice into the bowl containing the avocado flesh. Then, add a favorable amount of salt to your desired taste; but ensure it is not too much; remember we are keeping fit and healthy. After you get the avocado flesh, lemon juice and some salt into the bowl, mash all the items you have placed into the bowl together with a fork or a spoon, depending on what you like using. For this case, we will use a fork. For the best outcome, ensure you keep the texture slightly chunky. Keep mashing until you obtain the desired texture.

When you establish fine and chunky bits, you can consider the mixture ready. Spread half of the mash onto a piece of toast. On top of the mash, embellish with some red pepper flakes and a sprinkle of olive oil. You may place another toast on top of the mash or take it this way. Doesn’t it look delicious? And there we go, we have our sumptuous avocado toast. Am sure you will enjoy your meal. If you would like to add an egg, place it on top of the mash and allow it to cook. It has no harm. It just makes it more colorful, delicious, and nutritious.

There are many benefits of using the avocado toast for breakfast than using it for any other meals. That answers you question why not avocado toast for lunch or dinner. Here is the clear detail. We all wake up with a need to activate our energy for the new day (Olaniyi & Opara, 2012). We need to be stronger as we start the day than as the day ends. We do not want to waste the pooled energy after using the avocado toast. This is why we need to use the avocado toast for breakfast or may be lunch.

According to Gimmie Delicious (2016), without an egg, the avocado toast has plenty of nutrition facts, which include 2.4 grams of saturated fats, 8.38mg of sodium, 23.8g of carbohydrates, 9.8g of fiber, and 3g of sugars. In addition, the avocado toast contains 5.9g of protein and it is cholesterol free, rich in vitamin A and calcium. Adding an egg adds the nutrients levels thus strengthening you to start the new day.

Therefore, avocado toast are very easy to prepare and very nutritious to keep us energetic for daily activities. The preparation are only three simple steps; cutting, mashing, and spreading on the toast break. The fourth step will be eating. Does that not sound sweet? There we go; a new delicacy in our breakfast menu.

Thank you for cooperation. Have nice moments and inform others of this new lesson. Get informed and inform a friend. Try it out as with them as you inform them of the great avocado toast.


Generally, I delivered the speech well and updated my skills for future speech delivery. At the start of the speech, I was a bit nervous but I gained confidence with time. The signs of stage fright that I experienced were shaking and rushing over the speech for the first few minutes. When I realized I was nervous and was going too first, I took a deep breath and got composed. I also noted I could not maintain an eye contact at the beginning of the speech, as I was so nervous. Therefore, I looked straight through the audience headroom to suggest that I was looking at them. After the first paragraph of my speech, I had gathered some courage, slowed my pace, and started looking directly into my audience.

I also scored well in articulation and pronunciation of words. I had a strong diction and the words fit the comprehension of my target audience. Further, I was audible and the audience even those at the back would comfortably hear me (Alimuradov & Murtazov, 2016). In addition, slowing my pace enabled me to demonstrate as I gave the speech, which amplified the audience understanding. I could see them nod their heads and in my mind, I was sure they comprehended the main points.

Throughout the presentation, I clearly outlined the main points and I could pause before moving to the next point. This was effective at helping my audience keep up with me as they were taking notes. I would also give moderate pause as the audience took notes. I would wait for them to raise their heads after writing so that they would be at my par.

I also made use of some humor and I could hear the audience laugh. The laughter assured me that I achieved my goal; I could use this time to glance at my notes and resume an eye contact with the audience. Therefore, use of humor not only made the speech informal but also helped me organize my speech into comprehendible bits (Kendrick, 2014).

However, at the end of the presentation, I could remember some points I had purposed to make but I forgot. This taught me a lesson; the next time I will be making a presentation, it is important to rehearse the speech several times to ensure that even if the copy were taken away from me, I would still deliver effectively (Boundless, 2017). Further, I learnt that I should first engage the audience in some dialogue before actual speech, so that I can gather courage before starting on the speech. This would ensure that the audience grasps all the major points.


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