Art school for children

This illustration shows young kids learning about painting in schools.

From the picture, it is clear that young boys are fitted with different methods to learn how to draw and come up with different art designs. The scene is selected by WPA photographers as it specifically highlights the environment of children who are busy and committed to studying the craft. The photographer's target audience is young children, especially boys who are excited about studying the arts. With regard to this picture, it was the time of American life when the teaching of the arts began to evolve, and it was applied to children.

Poster 1: Children's Drawing Lessons

The poster depicts art classes for children. From the poster, there is a girl and a boy painting. This portrays children who are enjoying their art lessons and practically applying it to learn more and to perfect their skills. This poster was commissioned to advertise the opportunities for children who want to study art. The target audience for this poster is the young children who have the passion and eagerness for learning the art. Taking this poster into consideration, the poster indicates the era in American life when children had begun learning arts, and it was part of their curriculum.

The poster and the image are connected

In that they both show children who are in class learning about arts. In both the image and poster, there are images of children painting, drawing among other art related activities. Also, the words used in both instances such as "art" and "class" indicate that they both talk about the same subject. Furthermore, both the poster and the image target the same audience group.

Image 2: Swimming and Boating on Lake McDonald

The photograph depicts people swimming in the lake. In the photograph, there is a boat, a lake and men diving into the lake to swim. The WPA photographer chose the photograph for this particular scene since it displays as persons swimming in the lake for fun. The target audience of the photographer is young people who love swimming and regard it as a hobby. At his period in the life of America, swimming was widely considered as one of the leisure activities that young men enjoyed participating in.

Poster 2: Swim for health in Safe and Pure Pools.

The poster portrays people swimming in safe and pure pools as a healthy exercise. From the poster, I am able to see a swimming pool and a man and a woman swimming. Both of them appear to be enjoying swimming giving the impression that indeed it is beneficial. The aim of the poster was to promote swimming as a healthy exercise for the health of a human being. The target audience for this poster is people who enjoy swimming as well as view it as a healthy physical activity for the body. The poster depicts a time in American life where swimming was valued as a healthy physical activity and a beneficial leisure activity.

The picture and the poster are connected

In that they both portray the activity of swimming. In each, there are people swimming and the presence of water bodies. However, in the picture swimming is viewed solely as a leisure activity while on the poster it is not only viewed as a leisure activity but also a healthy exercise.

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