American communities essay

Given the enormous number of racial communities in the United States It may be worthwhile to examine the numerous American racial groups. Several people from various racial groups have found their way to the United States, making it a country with substantial communities of people from various origins. We will examine familial factors, religious influences, cultural traits, gender roles, language and communication, current challenges, the implications of socioeconomic position, and the best strategy to interact with these communities in this study. The Hispanic Americas, Asian Americans, African Americans, Indian Americans, and Arab Americans are the communities to be studied.  America has in the past has undergone tremendous revolution practices which have shaped the managed to be one of the steadiest powers among many scholars in many fields of study. The African Americans came in the limelight of the American history during the revolutionary war in the United States. The African American\u2019s got in the United States, during the times when the slave trade was eminent and widely practiced. After the independence war was started many of the slaves got themselves involved in the war and this led to their freedom eventually(Omi & Winant, 2014).

Both the African American women and men have brought a major contribution in the shaping of the American Revolutionary War. The men are known to be spies and fought in the battle field. On the same line, the women have had a major contribution into the Revolutionary of the United States by working s nurses and played a large part in community development. Scholars indicate that the socioeconomic status and indicated by the level of stability and satisfaction of the parent-child relationships, romantic unions and a variety of the developmental results in both the children and adults (Edara, 2016). The African Americans are seen to be having low socioeconomic statuses and therefore they lie low in the chart in the American communities.

Over seventy percent of the African Americans belong to the Protestant churches

With around five percent of the population being of the Catholic faith. This indicates that they have strong beliefs in the Bible and God. They come in place as the most religious population in the United States. These beliefs can be traced back to their roots in their native land Africa. Therefore for one to work with this population they have to show some content in the religious beliefs (Khater, 2012). This brings about building up of trust with working with them. The best way to work with this community is to have a little bit of knowledge in God and the bible and this brings about the desired working rapport.

Hispanic Americans

Hispanic Americans are American citizens who have a Spanish speaking or Portuguese speaking countries from Spain or Latin America. The community comprises of the citizens who have owned up either full or partial ancestry identity to Spanish. The Hispanic Americans are characterized with less education, worse health care, and higher poverty rates as compared to the white American community. The Hispanic population growth is attributed to the high levels of immigration, high fertility rates, and the high ethnic attribution rates(Omi & Winant, 2014). This means that the Hispanic-Americans population will continue to increase significantly in the United States even if the seizure of immigration from Latin America was affected.

Even though the Hispanic-American\u2019s socioeconomic status is averagely comparable with that of the African American\u2019s It is usually lower than that of the non-Hispanic Americans. On the same line, the current issues that are associated with the low socioeconomic status bring about the unhealthy lifestyles or behaviors among the community. This includes physical inactivity, cigarette smoking, and being overweight. In line with cultural issues, the Hispanic community is associated with strong family commitments or familism than any other American community. Their interests are linked with those of the family group at all times and greatly emphasize behavioral manifestations (Edara, 2016). The Hispanic subgroups are said to be living in family households, in that they have a native family member who accommodates other family members.

Many of the Hispanic-Americans identify themselves as Roman Catholics despite their being a broad practice of the Catholic practices among the Hispanic communities. Therefore it is seen that there is a broad religion-spirituality among the Hispanics in the USA (Khater, 2012). Therefore in order to work well with people of this community, we have to practice one of the diverse Catholic practices. This will ensure that it becomes easy to work with this particular community.

Asian Americans

When comparing the Asian American population to the other American populations such as the whites, Native Americans, and the African Americans. They form part of the largest is highly educated therefore forming the highest-income earners. Their population is the fastest-growing population in the United States, this comes out of the fact that they are generally satisfied with their finances, lives and the way that the country is headed, and this makes them have to place a lot of value on their families, hard work, parenthood, and marriage (Edara, 2016).

In the past century, they were taken to be the low-wage paid laborers. Which emanated from their low level of skill. They formed crowded ethnic enclaves and suffered a significant effect of official discrimination. But in the present times, they form one of the major ethnic groups in America. Their family structures are made in a way that they have minimal interracial marriages. Their largest population of the adults migrated into the United States. This community, however, has a strong emphasis on family and around 60% of this particular population indicates that one of the most important things in life is to have a successful marriage. They are noted to be the best parents in the United States over time and again. They have a pervasive belief that hard work pays, this gives them the basis for an argument on they have gone ahead of the other communities because of their hard work(Omi & Winant, 2014).

Sixty percent of the Asian American population are Christians

This has however been achieved through the fact that Christianity has made a tremendous growth in the non-European world. The rest populations of the Asian Americans practice other religious faiths that have an ancestral origin in their motherland. Such religions are Jainism, Sikhism, Zoroasterism, Buddhism and much more (Khater, 2012). The family roles are defined through their beliefs by women being there to care for the family as the men go out to work hard for the family.

Arab Americans

Through the years the Arab-Americans have come up to be an influential and important part of the American society. They have managed to get their numbers in the United States soaring high in recent years and have achieved a relatively higher socio-economic class. As an immigrant community, they have tried to achieve their American dream through hard work and attaining high levels of education. Over 80 percent of the Arab-Americans take a lot of consideration of education and therefore have desired to educate their children (Edara, 2016). This has made a tremendous improvement in the socio-economic life of the people in the United States.

There is a clear difference between the Arab and religious identity which dates back to the spread of Islam that was attested in the Arab Jewish tribes and Arab Christian kingdoms. In the present times, most of the Arab communities are Muslims and the other minority tribes being of Christian faith and also the Baha’I and also Druze. The Arab Americans in the United States have either abandoned their Islamic faith or converted to Christianity(Omi & Winant, 2014). They are a small number of Muslim Arab Americans in the United States who have decided to cling to their ancient faith.

This particular community has a strong belief in the family structure in that the men are to provide for the family and the women are to do all the household chores. The community puts the family in the forefront as a core institution in the society. This brings in the call for marriage as one of the cultural practices, and polygamy is allowed. A man is allowed to get married to more than one wife as long as he can manage to provide for them (Khater, 2012). This particular community is said to be having a complex position while working with them, and the best way to work with them is through having to impose as an Islamic faithful believer to gain their trust and work with them well.

Indian Americans

The Indian Americans are communities who have their ancestry in the Republic of India. They form part of the most successful ethnic minority group in America socio-economically. A large number of these populations are recent immigrants to the United States from the year 2010 onwards. A relatively high number of these people had come to pursue education, and this has made them be among the most learned racial group in the US (Khater, 2012).

With regard to religion, half of the Indian American populations are Hindu and the rest associate themselves with Muslim and a good number with Christianity. This is however different from the religious pattern I India where 80 percent of the population is Hindu. This gives an indication that migration patterns have brought a great impact on the Indian American population(Omi & Winant, 2014).

The major current issues facing this community are discrimination

They are discriminated against alongside their cultural practices, which involve the burning of the dead and the bride paying a dowry to the groom’s family. This makes other communities avoid intermarriages with them and therefore making them be structured in tribal cocoons. The community has a distinct family structure that is openly differentiated among the people in the US (Edara, 2016). They closely intermarry, and incest is not a big deal to them, therefore, close cousins can happily get married and make a family.


The paper has brought out an in-depth discussion of the various American communities. The discussion has led to a better understanding of these communities, therefore making it easy to get along with them without having to brush shoulders with them. The communities discussed are the Hispanic Americas, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, African Americans, and the Indian Americans. Consequently, a detailed discussion of the influences in their families, religious influences, cultural characteristics, language and communication, gender roles, current issues, effects of socioeconomic status, and the best way to work with these communities is also discussed. Through this, we can get that the Indian Americans are different from the ancient American Indians, as revealed in the discussion. Discrimination emanated as the main current issues among the different racial communities in the United States.


Edara, I. (2016). Relation of Individualism-Collectivism and Ethnic Identity to Spiritual Transcendence Among European Americans, Asian Indian Americans, and Chinese Americans. Counseling And Values, 61(1), 44-63.

Khater. (2012). “Flying While Arab”: the Experiences of Arab Americans in the Wake of 9/11. Journal Of American Ethnic History, 31(4), 74.

Omi, M., & Winant, H. (2014). Racial Formation in the United States. Routledge.

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