Allure of Ithaca: Impact of the Story to Ancient and Modern Readers

After traversing considerable distances, Ithaca is considered to as Odysseus' Home Isle. The location also represents Odysseus' life shift and the style of movement he employed to reach this region (Buttler 18). Humans will constantly travel from one place to another in search of a better way of life in society. In Homer's poem, Odysseus had no desire to fight in the Trojan War and sought an alternative way of life. One of the techniques he thought would keep him from having a direct influence on the battle was to pretend to be insane. However, he was dragged into the activities of the war as an advisor and not a warrior. These acts transpired after realizing that Odysseus had the capability of serving in the war in an alternative capacity. According to the information provided in the article, he helped in the process of capturing Achilles.

The capture of Achilles helped in the process of transformation to modernity as no more fights were breaking out in the society. The heroic acts led to the attainment of recognition of the Greek leaders. Nevertheless, the escape to the Phaeacians led to an instance of love even with the spurned advances by the lady. In Homer’s era, there were continuous instances of wars and conflicts with the majority of the stories told through oral tradition. In the coming years, other communities started making translations of the story trying to pass a similar message to another generation. According to interpretation by Walker (200), a village can adopt some of the creative aspects of a city, and the city has some of the ecological perspectives of the village.

Impact of the Story to Ancient and Modern Readers

A modern reader can develop a series of factious stories for the young generation. Similarly, today’s odyssey has a massive impact on the children's education systems. The concept is required reading in various educational institutions and also studied in different history classes. Students will often refer to this book to pass their courses and attain better grades. For example, the execution of the Civil War in the story provides information about the nature of battles that were being carried out in that era. These pieces of information are crucial to the current generation as they will have knowledge about the ancient leadership styles.

A modern reader can quickly interpret the life of the Bronze Age king that ruled 30 centuries ago. His journey home from Asia is an exciting scene as no specific movement have been documented to symbolize how he came back to his home island. Homer’s poem defines an epic journey and Odysseus’s acts demonstrating a restless adventure.

On the other hand, Odyssey has a famous mark on the ancient culture. An individual may create a significant relation to the previous ways of life. Ancestry has a considerable impact on the current generation as it helps in passing information, about their roots and what can be considered as a taboo. The ancient reader will act as an agent to the new generation regarding the transition in life from the previous centuries. The majority of the information directed to the new generation is about Odysseus’s 20-year absence and the strategies that he can apply in creating a small army.

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