Advantages and Disadvantages of the Growth of Maine Tourism

In 1893, the state of Maine launched a local display at the Chicago World's Fair where it first began promoting its unique geographic characteristics. To draw tourists and increase the number of visitors to Maine, they incorporated its charming and scenic coastal communities. Tourism as well as the idyllic hunting and fishing industries that contributed to Maine's natural beauty became a major source of income for the state. This turned into one of the benefits that tourism provided for the State of Maine. The lucky states that have what it takes to draw tourists continue to benefit financially from tourism.“Maine: The Way Life Should Be” was the official marketing slogan for Maine and it pointed and emphasized the quiet environment that encompassed natural fishing industry that relied upon its long shoreline which was a source of the fishery ground and sustained its commercial swordfish and lobster industries. In addition to revenue realized from Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, tourism as a result of the beautiful Maine coastline became a crucial aspect of the Maine’s financial backbone.

However, tourism came with its shortcomings. The challenges are classified as cultural and environmental. The growth of tourism sector majorly as a result of the growth of the automobile industry and its inception into the culture of Americans gradually led to the deterioration of the native culture. The quality of life of those whose survival was not dependent on tourism was significantly affected. This includes the commercial fishermen. In addition, the culture of the region was significantly compromised by the hoteliers, shopkeepers, and restaurants that accommodated tourists.

As a result of the tremendous growth of tourism, the infrastructure needed expansion to accommodate and sustain this growth. This brought along with its destruction of natural resources such as forest to permit road construction. As a result of tourism, the way of life for the once small town drastically changed. Notably, growth in tourism changes the local structures from physical to individual characters which mean some cultural practices that were enjoyed since time immemorial had to be done away with.

Work Cited

Judd, R. W., E. A. Churchill, and J. W. Eastman. "Maine: The Pine Tree State from Prehistory of the Present." AMERICAN NEPTUNE 56 (1996): 81-81.

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