Activated Charcoal Mask

Homemade Activated Charcoal Face Mask

Homemade activated charcoal and bentonite clay has been cited to have several advantages to our skin. Some of the ance-cleaning facemasks in the market have been noted to include harsh ingredients with examples of salicylic and glycolic acids which not only breaks down the pores and skin but also makes it thin weakening it with time inflicting irritation, redness, dehydration and oiliness (Mama). However, a homemade charcoal face mask is entirely protected and works in reducing the size of our skin pores, lowering the face oiliness, helps in the treatment of acne and most important it deep cleans our pores and skin ("DIY All-Natural Blackhead").


  • One Green Tea bag: The tea bag acts as an oxidant and helps in fighting radicals which are responsible for diseases and aging of the skin

  • Two tablespoon Distilled water: the distilled water will help in skin dehydration and fighting off inflammation (Looks).

  • One Unflavoured Gelatin packet: Gelatine is primarily used to induce a peeling effect to the facemask so that it can deliver the best cleaning results ("How to Make an Activated Charcoal Facial Mask").

  • One tablespoon Activated charcoal: this is carbon treated with oxygen and because it's a fine powder it soaks and absorbs gas and any form of toxicity from the skin.

  • Half tablespoon of lemon: this helps in fighting bacteria that may be found in the skin.


  1. Take a non-metallic bowl and add the bentonite clay, gelatin, and the activated charcoal. Mix the three thoroughly until they attain a uniform mixture.

  2. Add the distilled water most preferably if it is warm.

  3. With the use of a bamboo skew, stir the mixture gently until a perfect mixture is attained. Mixing of the ingredients is crucial as it ensures that there are no clumps in the mixture.

  4. After the solution attains a paste-like form apply it on the face. Check the temperature of the paste not to burn yourself during the application ("Beauty Blogger Creates DIY Face Mask").

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