accomplish my life-time career goals

I've always fantasized about achieving my long-term professional aspirations.

I'd taken a thirteen-year break to spend time with my three girls. Following the recesses, I vowed to restart and complete the professional goals I had begun some time before.

My primary purpose in life is the desire to serve others in multiple capacities, which is usually propagated by a naturally occurring capacity.

My ability to work in the social services sector has clearly been hampered by a shortage of higher education. I felt inept and incapable of delivering in such demanding situations. As a result, my trust and advancement as a social care provider are stalled. However, I always endeavor to do my best in life to ensure the successful execution of assigned duties through my innate ability and determination to work.

During this period of occupation struggles, I discovered that one has to equip himself with the relevant knowledge and skills to thrive as a social service professional.

Therefore, I made a resolution to nurture and teach my kids the significance of hard work and education in life. Besides, guided by this career disgrace and shortfalls, I decided to go back to school and complete the studies I had started thirteen years back. Indeed, this schooling initiative had a positive dimension as it was purposely predestined at resolving my knowledge deficits.

As a matter of fact, I managed to complete my studies where I gained necessary skills and proficiencies in public management and public administration.

Fortunately, I am employed currently working as a Management Information Systems and Shelter Coordinator at Lotus House. Lotus House is a prominent accommodation center that provides women and children with a haven. Moreover, the particular sanctuary empowers women by helping them rediscover the potentials. In this organization, we work collaboratively to enhance the standards and quality of life while helping ladies to attain superior independence. I started by pursuing a degree in Public Administration with a core aim of developing my abilities and skills as a public servant before taking the Loftus House tenure.

I have always worked hard to become a public service officer.

Although I have accomplished the previously specified goal, I still have the desire to run a guidance and counselling firm under my ownership. As a manager of facility, I have an objective of assisting domestic violence victims without asking for any fee. Besides, I also want to ensure released prisoners attain individual readiness skills which they can apply in their lives. These intentions will be actualized by reopening deceased aunt’s boutique originally branded as Myrna Thrifty Boutique.

The loss of my aunt, Myrna to domestic violence has remarkably triggered the decision of saving people’s lives in my full capacity.

Primarily, the reason for returning to school for the bachelor’s degree was to acquire the necessary knowledge for saving lives and serving people. In fact, I had initiated this idea before and fervently needed to accomplish it. Additionally, I have an intrinsic aspiration for saving souls which is the central agenda of public servants. In doing so, I would eventually become part of the phenomenal category of qualified specialists.

On implementing the knowledge and skills attained through education and industrial learning, I believe the goal of rediscovering Myrna’s Thrifty Boutique will eventually become a reality.

The particular achievement will ensure effective serving and protection of the general public from losing their lives. Principally, I have been privileged to perform critical roles in different establishments during the course of my studies that have consequently facilitated the perfection of important skills in the field of Public Administrations; thus, I yearn to practically utilize them in opening a not-for-profit facility for serving and saving residents’ lives.

From May 2003 – September 20007,I was hired by In Motion for Life Experience based in Miami, Florida to work as a direct Support Staff on part-time basis.

The central roles assigned to me encompassed offering support and assistance to persons who live with developmental disabilities. For instance, I served sufferers of diseases like cerebral palsy and aged people with brain cell degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer among other disabled persons. Other roles include the facilitation of hand on life skills classes. These duties helped me interact with the victimized individuals, and hence, honing my working relationship tactics. While at In Motion for Life foundation, I remarkably perfected my competencies in the areas of communication, creativity, interpersonal relationships, administration, supervision, along with decision making field. In my opinion, it is very imperative to operate around people with different disabilities as it prepares one to perform extremely challenging tasks. My ultimate believe was that I would skillfully and successfully employ the acquired proficiencies in future.

On October 2005 – July 2008, I worked as a training specialist at Sunrise Community Inc. located in Miami, Florida.

Here, I was assigned the role of orienting as well as instructing incoming recruits. In addition, I was supposed to teach other workforces on crucial regulations such as the occupation Safety and Health Administration, OSHA. Secondly, I offered lectures about HIV/AIDs, Elementary First Aid, Behavior intervention, mannerism standards and functions, aggression control techniques, and lastly, CAPS and PPS program training. The roles outlined above build my experiences in administration, regulation, critical thinking, work relations, creativity, along with communication. It is irrefutably right to state that these competencies gets superior the more a person practically engages in industrial employments.

For the period spanning August 2008 – May 2009, The Advocacy Network on Disabilities organization in Miami, Florida employed me to work as a training assistant.

The roles that I was directly involved in comprise developing databases for the participants. Through the above-underscored roles, I managed to exploit my computer skills. The other task entailed coordinating and maintaining follow-up documents. As a consequence, my recording keeping along with documentation techniques improved significantly. As an assistant trainer, I was obviously overseeing that training activities run smoothly. Moreover, I acted as the helping planner in facilitating teachings. The key proficiencies pertinent to the assigned duties encompass communication, administration, research and investigation, as well as relational tactics. In addition, I dealt with arising clashes amongst trainees; hence, I added vital supervision and conflict resolution proficiencies to my experience considering the fact that I took charge of workers. Toward the end of this occupation, I was rewarded and promoted to the post of training support specialist for effectively coordinating trainings.

Ranging from June 2009 – June 2012, I continued to work for The Advocacy Network on Disabilities as the training support specialist.

The main roles in this tenure included processing files and maintaining electronic database. Secondly, I was given the role of completing pathways to inclusion goals. Another task was assisting in recruitment identification, checking prequalification, and selecting Individual Program Inclusion Plan partner agencies. Besides, I fostered the external association with other social service organizations. Lastly, I offered technical support to partners and also facilitated trainings. For all these roles, one was required to be competent in administration, communications, interpersonal affairs, supervision, creativity, and computer literate. During that period, the management was convinced by my ability to deliver best services at this level; therefore, I was promoted to a new post of training coordinator.

From July 2012 to July 2016, I worked in the same institution as a Training Coordinator.

At this level, my management skills had developed magnificently and I had a lot of confidence when executing the assigned tasks. As the training coordinator, I was served the company by planning and conducting public educations which involved marketing activities. Besides, I preserved data for support and services as well as scheduling and tracking grant activities. Typically, this ensured that the project objectives were timely and efficiently met. The other role was to make sure that the programmed data were properly assembled, well-fed, and reported consistently. I was also directly involved in synchronizing and harmonizing every available information and other aspects of project trainings. Other administrative duties comprised files processing, maintenance and protection of electronic database, helping the recruitment processes, and also making referrals to children with abnormalities. Although, the responsibilities were relatively overwhelming, I eventually managed to learn new public management techniques. For instance, I gained human resource management strategies.

From August 2016 – April 2017, I worked as an inclusion specialist still at Advocacy Network on Disabilities.

I was given the mandate of identifying and obtaining the necessary resources for programs to include specific children with disabilities. Other roles included; recognizing best practices and evidence-based programs related to children with disabilities, developing and carrying out public education trainings, informing the community about strategies to increase successful outcomes from all children, evaluating the needs of children with disabilities entering programs, assessing the readiness of providers to serve them, giving technical assistance to The Children Trust and their funded agencies, participating on committees and groups that involve inclusion of children with disabilities, facilitating training, and supervising workers.

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