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Assumptions in the DSTV Commercial

As stated in the lesson, assumptions are part and parcel of our everyday discussions and arguments. Assumptions normally refer to evidence believed by individuals without proof of their validity. In order to explain the assumptions made in it, the following is an overview of a DSTV commercial.

Overview of the Commercial

In the commercial that appears to advertise various family TV shows, the adult (father), who is an advertising male, is a major football fan and responds with deceit when the wife enters and turns the television to their favorite telenovela series. Almost immediately, their teenage son arrives with a group of friends and with little regard of his parents watching, takes the remote control and scans for his favorite movie channel. Meanwhile, the couple's young toddler is seen crying for reasons not known to the viewer. However, the cries and tantrums end the moment the station is changed to nickelodeon-a cartoon network specialty.

Evident Assumptions

There are several assumptions evident in this advertisement. First, the grown male is perceived to be a diehard fan of sports and cannot miss his matches. The woman is painted as having a soft spot for soap operas and the Mexican telenovelas. On the other hand, teenage kids are thought to be adherents of action movies. Lastly, there is a general assumption that young kids identify with animations and cartoons.

Additional Assumptions

While the above assumptions are easily identifiable, a closer look at the advert reveals some more. These include the fact that growing young boys are full of energy and are expressive, hence their love for action-packed and violent films. Also, women are regarded as emotional and therefore have a liking for programs that appeal to their emotions.

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