about computer science

All is now possible and available thanks to the technological revolution.

Most citizens consider computer science to be the pinnacle of living around machines. However, it has less to do with computing and much to do with what computers can do and how they can help the human race communicate themselves.

I was fortunate to grow up in a family that could afford technology

This is where my obsession with computers began. I was fascinated by how they do what they do, with all of the coding and computing involved. Of course, I didn't understand the codes, but my curiosity drove me to try to find out why things worked the way they did with computers. I came to realize computation provides us with the necessary tools that helps us to express ourselves.

Originally, I hail from Cuba, but I moved to the USA a decade ago.

The curiosity about how computers operate is what initially drove me, but I am also an over-thinker who tend to over-analyze everything and how it works. Each day, I would watch my peers post and download stuff; and I would be overwhelmed with why those things are so easy. Therefore, I would get myself intrigued and start researching deeper on the coding of certain things with the intention of fixing and learning more. Consequently, I am that individual who will be interested in solving a problem before it becomes a problem, and this has granted me the opportunity of fixing acute issues.

Furthermore, since a young age, I have always been intrigued by mathematics and more so the area of algebra because it requires thinking out of the box.

Having a strong mathematics background has equipped me with logic skills, and this has assisted me in becoming great in programming. Whenever I am working on a project, I tend to notice where there is a blank and I must research and apply logic skills to find an answer. I am a scholar, meaning I am intrigued by technical studying especially other people's code because it equips me with understanding what is required of me and sharpens my skills further. However, as a programmer, I have developed quick reading skills and honed my comprehension skills to avoid cramming of information.

My interest in research has been strengthened by my self-learning ability

whereby I do not rely on a team or a tutor to invest their time so that I can start learning. Self-learning ensures that I understand things through extensive research of materials. However, I work better in a team because it provides an opportunity to grasp a wide range of information and ideas that are necessary for programmers. Additionally, team working offers a room for extra research for questions that were vaguely explained. I adapt quickly to change because as a programmer, I am aware that is a fact of life and change is inevitable. Finally, what drives me towards programming, is the passion and motivation that I have for problem-solving. My passion and motivation demand that I get a solution to every project assigned to me; this means that I am not a quitter and no matter how a project seems to be challenging, I will do everything within and beyond my jurisdiction to find a solution and initiate a better way of handling things.

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